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Peaky Blinders Faster Than Truth Card Game Review


Reviewed by Hannah Chan

My hubby is a big Peaky Blinders fan, however I am not so I wasn’t sure about whether I’d be able to enjoy the full game experience with it being based on a popular TV show I knew nothing about. Luckily I was wrong, it doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or not the actual game and concepts are really enjoyable and quick to pick up. He loved the fact that it had a theme to it, and this theme really adds to the gameplay.

The game itself is for 3-6 players aged 14 and above, although our 12 year old had no problems at all joining in with us and kept up really well. It comes with handy reference cards for those who are new to playing, which will remind them of what each part of the game means which is a nice feature because it means you don’t have to stop gameplay to keep checking the rules, even on the first time round. I wish more games had these as I am one of those people who constantly forgets which symbol means what, so for me this was a great feature.

Gameplay isn’t too long, but depends who you’re playing with and how many of you there are, it can vary between 20 minutes and an hour but on average around half an hour, which is a good amount of time for this type of card game. If you want something that will keep you interested and playing along, but not something that will last hours then this is a game for you.

Set in 1920’s Birmingham, this is a quick and snappy card game about truth and lies. The aim of the game is really easy, just get five matching resource cards (Or stash as it’s called in the game) and hold on to them until your next turn, whilst others try to steal them from you or make you lose them. It’s not as easy as it sounds, as you have to keep them hidden from other players, so they don’t know how many you have or what it is you’re collecting. So this game relies on how well you can lie about your hand. The fact no one knows what you’re collecting means that it can be several rounds before you manage to keep hold of your hand, although with more people playing you’re less likely to always be the one challenged by others to show or give up your cards. Due to this, it is more enjoyable to play with the highest amount of players.

During game play you will be encouraged to gamble, lie and cheat as well as make and break alliances, so be warned this game can get a little loud and filled with over excitement. Due to these features though, I wouldn’t play with any players younger than 11 years even though it recommends over 14s.

Perfect for any fan of Peaky Blinders, but not only that, perfect for anyone who loves a good card game with a story behind it!

Great gift idea for Father’s day too! For dads who are fans of the show or of good card games.  The box is eye catching and a good size for taking with you to a friends house or camping (which is when we play most of our card games). The fact it doesn’t take up much space is great. It is also really sturdy so won’t tear easily. It is all card too, so no annoying extra plastic pieces which always get lost!

I give this game 4 out of 5 stars. It really is a fun game, however I am not sure on the longevity of it with it being focused on concepts from the TV series. The price point is on the higher side for the type of game that it is, so I feel it might be overlooked by those who are not fans. Saying that though, it is a fun one to pick up for every now and again. We’ll be playing it again certainly! Especially on our camping trips.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £19.99

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