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Reviewed by Laura S

HayMax is a product that I have seen in numerous shops such as Boots and Holland & Barrett but have never tried.  We are unfortunately a family that suffers badly with hay fever and allergies. My youngest daughter who is 3 years olds suffers badly from hay fever from February – October, which has to be treated with an antihistamine medicine daily. Whilst the antihistamine does work exceptionally well, it is not 100% effective and does have some unwanted side effects.

I was delighted when I was asked to try HayMax for my children and family.
HayMax is 100% natural and suitable for everyone- including babies, children, pregnant women.
HayMax has received over 40 awards over the years from Mother & Baby Awards and Allergy Friendly.

We received a box that contained:
-HayMax Pure
-HayMax Frankincense
-HayMax Lavender
-HayMax Aloe Vera
-HayMax Kids

The HayMax is a balm made of bees wax, seed oils and essential oil, which are all natural, organic and drug free to produce allergen barrier balm. It is used to help relieve.  It works by applying it to the nose, upper lip and cheekbones to trap: dust, pollen and pet allergen partials from entering the body. Thus, reducing the amount of allergens entering your body and causing a reaction.

I found it super easy applying the balm to my 3 year old. I just put small amount on my finger and rubbed onto her upper lips and nostrils. I used the Haymax Pure for her as felt it was most suited. Applied it several times over the day. I was pleased to read that you can use it many times per day without it causing harm.

Her older sibling that is 6yrs old used the HayMax Kids by himself and was happy to apply it throughout the day. He liked that he could apply it as and when needed by himself.

The lavender HayMax was used on myself the children at night time. I like that it help to keep our noses clear from congestion at night and smelt nice. It definitely helped breathing easier. Plus I found it very soothing at night time.

Overall, I like the HayMax balms and do think that they work to an extent at keeping hay fever and allergies at bay. With my 3yr old I was able to reduce her antihistamine dose but it couldn’t be used as the only method to help with hay fever.

Overall, I rate HayMax 4/5.
The pots look small but you only need a tiny amount so it would last a long time. I like that the pots easily fit in your pocket and that my child can apply it’ll the balm themselves without any dangers.  Best of all it help reduce the daily antihistamine doseage my toddler needed. I will definitely buy HayMax in the future to help relieve hay fever symptoms.

I definitely recommend HayMax for use on babies and child that have pollen, dust and pet allergies. It is kind to skin, natural and drug free. Best of all it is super easy to apply.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £6.99

This product can be purchased from shops such as Boots and Holland & Barrett.  For more information you can visit the HayMax website here.

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