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Kindi Kids Minis School Bus Review


Reviewed by Jo Hardy

The school bus is made of strong plastic and its lovely summery colours reminded me of the colours of ice cream.  It is styled to look like a rabbit with two ears at the front of the roof and eyes and nose underneath the windscreen.  The eyes move when the bus is pushed along and you have to push the nose to open the side door of the bus.  There is also a back exit which is a slide. The bus comes with one doll “Marsha Mello” but you can fit a total of seven dolls into the bus.  There is a cardboard insert in the bus that pictures all the other dolls at the windows.  The doll has moveable legs so it can sit down and a wobble head that jiggles when she is pushed along in the bus.  It has a very wide opening at the top of the bus so it is very easy for little hands to get the dolls in and out.

When I gave the bus to the three year old in our family her first reaction was , “wow it’s beautiful “.  She patiently waited while I removed all the packaging then the bus was explored properly.  I had to show her how to open the door by pressing the nose as at first she tried to prise the door open.  The back door slide was a big hit.  We both found it hard to get the doll to sit on the seat.  There are nubs on the seat designed to fit into a hole on the doll but they were too tight a fit and we could not get the doll to fit securely.  I think this will get easier with more use. We only had the doll that was included and there was plenty of room in the bus so other small figures were soon brought out of the toy box to have a ride on the bus.

On days when you can’t get outdoors this toy will provide hours of play and helps little ones to develop their imagination.  It will interact with lots of other toys you may already have.  It is lovely watching them play and make up stories.

On special days like birthdays and Christmas some children can get overwhelmed with many gifts.   I think it’s so special to give a present out of the blue when not expected “just because”.  There is only one thing to focus on and the child engages more with the toy. As more dolls are available there could be more little “just because” gifts coming to our three year old.

There are a lot of little Kindi Kids video stories on YouTube featuring all the dolls in the range.
Made by Moose Toys the bus is suitable for ages three and over and available from major toy retailers like and priced at £19.99.  Other dolls that will fit into the bus are also available at £4.99 each.  There are lots of other items in the Kindi Kids range.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £19.99

This product can be purchased from Smyths Toys here.

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