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Ozkleen Cleaning Bundle Review


Reviewed by Rosemary Knight

This may sound a bit strange but I actually really enjoy cleaning my home. I get a great sense of well being looking at a sparkling clean, sweet smelling house. During this awful Covid 19 lockdown, many of us feel lonely and depressed and I have found that keeping busy helps me to overcome my sense of isolation. Rather than continually heading for the biscuit tin and stuffing my face, I pick up a duster and a cleaning product and start cleansing my home.

One of the first jobs which I attempted during the lockdown was sorting out my spare bedroom which had previously been used by my young grandchildren when they came to stay. As I am unable to see them for the time being, I decided to declutter and put away their toys until I am able to donate them to the charity shop. I was fortunate to receive a supply of Ozkleen cleaning products to help with this task.

There were several stubborn stains on the carpet where my grandchildren had spilled blackcurrant and chocolate and as my carpets are made from wool and were quite expensive, I was concerned about ruining them with a harsh cleaner. I sprayed a small amount of Ozkleen Carpet Power onto the stains, gently rubbed in with a cloth, then vacuumed the carpet and lo and behold – a beautiful clean sweet smelling carpet. I then tried the Carpet Power on my  grubby stair carpet, once again with outstanding results.

The next job on my list was the bathroom as my shower head was looking a bit discoloured with a build up of limescale.  I squirted the Ozkleen De-Scaler Power  onto the shower head and bathroom taps, left on for a few seconds and the chalky deposit simply rinsed away. This product is also suitable for using to descale kettles and coffee machines.

Starting on my kitchen was next on my list and I had several Ozkleen products to help with this mammoth task. Cleaning the oven is not my favourite job and  the glass oven door was so dirty that it was practically impossible to see through it easily. The Ozkleen Grease Monkey is specially designed to deal with this. I sprayed it onto my oven door and the grease actually lifted away. I can now actually see through the oven door to check on my cooking! I then used the Grease Monkey to clean the trays inside my oven and the pans which had a build up of burned on grease.  I am so impressed with this product as it really does work!.

I carried on with my kitchen cleaning by using the Ozkleen Kitchen Power, spraying it onto my sink, taps, tiles and extractor fan. I have previously found it difficult to clean my stainless steel cooker hood as it always looks dull after cleaning, but the Kitchen Power left it with a lovely shiny finish. My sink and taps look sparkling and glossy after using this on them.

My favourite product of all is the Ozkleen Multi Surface Power Mint Cleaner which I have already been using for some time. It is great because I can use it near food, safe in the knowledge that it is environmentally friendly and will not contaminate any food products. I regularly use it to disinfect my work surfaces and chopping boards. It leaves a delightful minty fragrance in the air, which I find very  pleasant and soothing. I suffer from asthma and this product contains no chlorine, ammonia or phosphates, which makes it so much safer for me to use.

I am extremely impressed with the Ozkleen product bundle. None of the items have been tested on animals, which is extremely important to my family. During the Coronavirus Lockdown it is even more important to keep our homes clean and disinfected to try to ensure safety for our families and this Ozkleen cleaning bundle has definitely helped with this.

Rating: 5/5


These products are available to buy from Ozkleen here.

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