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The Meatless Farm Co Bundle Review


Reviewed by Darryl Ryznar

During lockdown, I’ve found myself thinking more about the types of food I’m consuming, and like others, have been trying to not only vary my diet more, but look for healthier and more environmentally conscious alternatives. So, when given the chance to review The Meatless Farm Co products, which are also gluten free, I jumped at the opportunity.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, The Meatless Farm Co was founded in 2016 by Morten Toft Bech. He was concerned by the environmental, health and animal welfare impact of the meat industry and couldn’t find any tasty alternatives, so decided to produce his own. Fast forward 4 years, and The Meatless Farm Co now offers mince, burger and sausage alternatives, all of which are meat free, wheat and gluten free, high in protein, and kosher certified.

When the items arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging – the ‘rustic’ cardboard outer sleeve, and green logo give the product a natural look, while retaining the high-end product feel. The majority of the packaging is recyclable too – the outer sleeve and plastic trays namely – which is very much in line with their environmentally conscious ethos.

The first product I tried was the mince. As everyone knows, mince is a great, versatile product. You can eat it as is, or turn it into burgers, meatballs, chilli or bolognaise sauce. We decided to turn this particular pack into meatballs. We spiced the mince and rolled it into the meatballs, then cooked as normal. While the mince browned like meat, the biggest difference we found was the meatballs needed about twice as much oil and salt while cooking as they seemed to really absorb all the seasoning.

The meatballs once cooked looked the part however the overall taste was slightly underwhelming. The texture was more like a paste however I think this is more down to the way we compacted the mince and then cooked it, so I think we’d need to buy it again, to try cooking it as mince rather than trying to do something else with it.

The sausages and burgers, on the other hand, were absolutely delicious and entirely spot on! The burgers had a meat like texture and were well seasoned. They cooked really well and even crisped up in the pan which gave them a nice smoky flavour, while the ‘meat’ remained juicy. Proper tasty!

We grilled the sausages for breakfast one morning, and were really pleasantly surprised by the flavours too. The texture was akin to a smooth pork sausage, seasoned with sage and other herbs to recreate the real sausage taste. They were definitely my favourite of the three!

For the most part, these products are fabulous. My flatmate is gluten intolerant, so when I make a meal for us, I look to find new products for us to try, and I have to say these really hit the mark. Both of us enjoyed not only the taste but the texture of these products – although as I said before, we’ll need to re-try with the mince before casting any aspersions.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend The Meatless Farm Co products if you’re looking to make a change to your diet in terms of meat consumption, or for environmental reasons, or even if you just want to try something new.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £10 for the bundle received

These products are available to buy from The Meatless Farm Co here.

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