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Reviewed by Charlotte Gatehouse

Since my early teens I have suffered with hormonal bouts of acne, I have combination skin, oily in the t-zone and dry on my cheeks and chin. Having tried numerous skin care products in the past, I was excited to see what funderm had to offer.

The products are made from natural ingredients and contain prebiotic and probiotics and Dead Sea minerals which is how they differ with other products on the market. I was sent 3 products to try- the Lavi Davi Multivitamins, No Drama Natural Red Clay Mask and Was Bad Invisible anti-pimples gel.

The products are beautifully packaged in boxes adorning the bright green and turquoise signature pattern, my first impressions were great, the items looked high quality, young and fresh.

I opened the Lavi Davi multivitamin gummies first, I was pleased to note all ingredients are natural and with all the benefits to taking them I was keen to give them a go. The little pond green gummies did not look the most appealing and on opening I was taken aback by the not so pleasant smell, this did not make me eager to chew these gummy vitamins and had me wishing they were in a capsule or tablet form especially as the recommended dose is 2 gummies per day. The promise of ‘beautiful skin, hair and body’ had me persevere and the taste was not so bad although not one I could describe. Obviously only time will tell the effectiveness of these.

Next to try was the No Drama Natural Red Clay Mask, this was my favourite of the 3 products. It is to be applied to clean dry skin, it was silky smooth and once applied gave me a slight tingle as it got to work, after 5 minutes it had dried and was ready to wash off, easy to incorporate into your skincare regime twice a week and left my face feeling squeaky clean and my complexion bright. I adored using this product and would happily use again and again.

Lastly was the Was Bad Invisible Anti-pimple gel, luckily (or not so luckily depending on how you look at it) I was in the middle of a breakout so was able to put this product to work straight away, the gel has a pump action lid which is great and allows you to use sparingly, the gel as promised went onto the skin and was invisible, not greasy and easy to apply to the problem areas. By the morning I noticed my zits seemed less angry and red, I was happy with the effects.

I would definitely use these products again (perhaps with the exception of the gummy vitamins). I would be keen to see what the rest of the range is like. The products were more expensive than I would usually spend on skincare items at £32 for the gummy supplements and face mask and £29 for the anti-pimple gel but they have a long shelf life of 12 months from opening and anyone who suffers with acne would agree that it is money well spent as the products actually improved my skin.

Rating: 5/5


Lavi Davi Vitamins £32

No Drama Face Mask £32

Was Bad anti-pimple gel £29

These products are available to buy from Funderm here.

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