Get Free Advertising When You Become A WGTD Digital Membership Card Discount/Offer Provider


We hope, all being well, to launch our WGTD Digital Membership Card in autumn 2020. Discount/Offer Providers can now come on board. To do so you simply need to Register on our website here selecting the WGTD Digital Membership Card Discount/Offer Provider member option and add details of the discount/offer you wish to provide by completing the more information section of the online form as you go through the membership checkout. Any information entered into the more information section of the online form plus the name you display publicly will then display in our Member Directory. This information can then be updated by editing your profile.

Please note that only companies providing an offer/discount to our WGTD Digital Membership Cardholders may advertise in our Member Directory.

Our website statistics are below:

December 2019 statistics
40k unique visitors
75k visits
503k page views
3.4m hits

January 2020 statistics
52k unique visitors
77k visits
434k page views
2.6m hits

February 2020 statistics
44k unique visitors
71k visits
421k page views
2.5m hits

March 2020 statistics
28k unique visitors
56k visits
394k page views
2.1m hits

April 2020 statistics
26k unique visitors
50k visits
485k page views
2.3m hits

May 2020 statistics
33k unique visitors
61k visits
387k page views
1.6m hits

Social Media Statistics
2k Facebook
4.6k Twitter

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