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Numberblocks Number Fun Review


Reviewed by Jenna Farmer

Numberblocks is a hit BBC show designed to introduce preschoolers and school aged-children to numbers, counting and other mathematical concepts (like sums, money and being able to order numbers from big to small). It joins other popular hits such as Colour Blocks and Alphablocks.

We are big fans of the show in our household as I have a number-mad toddler who loves to watch the episodes (and knows the theme tune off by heart!); has the number blocks and regularly purchases the magazine. So when I saw this interactive cube, I thought it seemed a perfect way to develop the concepts we’d learned on the show and have a lot of fun with my toddler at the same time!

This interactive cube is designed to cover a range of skills: from simply identifying numbers to adding one and doing subtractions. I loved that this simple cube would hopefully be able to grow with my son and introduce him to harder concepts that he’d need to grasp for school in a fun but educational way. I am also trying to improve his independent play so thought this might be another way to do so.

The cube is really lightweight (which makes it perfect for taking on car journeys too) and comes up with two volume controls (although the highest volume could still be a little louder in my opinion as you need to be quite close to hear it!) underneath it.

It comes with ten number blocks (from one to ten)-these are small, thin square shapes than slot in the interactive cube easily.Simply insert these in (one at a time) and then press the child-friendly, easy to navigate buttons at the top of the cube to decide which one of the eight activities. It’s very simple to set up, just turn on and start learning!

As a mum who is forever frustrated at missing pieces, I loved that the cubes came with a handy numberblock drawstring bag to keep them safe (again, this is perfect for travel and would even work well for plane journeys).

As soon as you turn it on, it plays the distinctive numberblocks theme tune which we’d all grown to love!
The different functions on the cube are extensive and include: counting backwards from ten; a game where you had to find the correct numberblock instructed; fun number facts; counting whilst putting the number blocks in order; ‘which numberblock is missing?’ ‘which numberblock is bigger?’ and number magic (addition and subtractions). For such a small cube, there’s so much to keep children engaged for a long time and it provides great interaction. Whilst my son needed my support to play with some of the harder functions (otherwise, he’d just press all the buttons), I could definitely see that as he got older he’d be able to play with it independently with the prompting and support of the cube’s instructions which were really clear to follow.

Overall, I think it’s a great interactive game for Numberblocks or any child who wants to learn more about numbers, counting and mathematics. Although a fairly small and lightweight cube, it offers lots of value and I can see us reaching for this time and time again.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £24.99

This product can be purchased from Smyths, Argos and John Lewis. Buy here from Smyths.

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