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So Wrong It’s Right Game Review


Reviewed by Helen Wyatt’

We don’t have many games as a family that all of us enjoy playing, as we have such different tastes, so we were keen to try something new to see if it could hit the spot. So Wrong It’s Right is a game that comes in a small box, and says “one question, five answers”, that anyone can play and that there are 2000 answers. You need at least three people to make it work so three of us sat down and opened the box to see what’s what.

The instructions are very visual, although it took a few times reading through to understand. The concept is quite simple – one person asks a question, picks a card that shows the other players how to answer, and the first to answer “correctly” takes the point. Every question has a two word answer. There are five ways to answer any question which are the straight answer, flipping the words around, swapping the first letter of each word, removing the first letter of each word, or giving a completely wrong answer in the same category.

All you need to play the game is the set of question cards and the set of answer cards. Once you have played the game through once, it’s easy enough to remember and you just need your wits about you! While it says anyone can play, you do need some level of general knowledge to be able to take part. There is no age range on the box but I would suggest 12+ to make the most of it and for any younger players to have a chance at winning.

The game is really funny, and the physical aspect of having to slam your hand on the table when you give the answer really adds to the comedy and appealed to my youngest. The box and the instructions all give you visual clues to help you remember what to do if you need to flip or switch the answer. The question cards have quite small text on them so don’t forget your glasses if you might struggle with that! They have each answer on them in each style so you don’t have to work it out yourself but as the text is so small it can be easy to miss one out by accident. It is helpful that all answers have two words so everyone knows that there is a consistent structure.

We did notice a couple of errors on a couple of the cards, and the big QR code you are invited to scan on the front of the instructions to see a video of how to play doesn’t work, but other than that it is a fun game that is easy to learn, quick to play, and suitable for most of the family. Both of my kids enjoyed playing it so I’m sure we will be playing it many more times in the future. It wouldn’t even matter if you had gone through all of the question cards because half the fun is in trying to get the structure of the answer right, not just the right answer.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £14.99

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