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Noggin Family Card Game Review


Reviewed by M Wright

We LOVE a new family game. The idea of us all switching off mobile devices and sitting around the table takes me back to the rainy days of my childhood. Spending quality time, making memories and laughing together with my family. I think it’s so important for families to make time for moments like these so to have a new game to do it with, is just fab!

The basics of Noggin are fairly simple; Take 3 of the LETTER cards and place them face up in front of the players. Then shuffle and deal the rest of the cards out between however many players are joining the game (this can be from 2 players to 20!). Each player must then tun over one of their cards and place it on top of the letter cards that are already out. Keep doing this until a player deals an action card. This card is placed on top of one of the three piles, leaving only 2 letter cards showing. This is where the fun starts!

There are seven different action cards in total so let’s assume the two letter cards we have showing are J and B:
Middle letters Card is when you need to think of a word that has the two letters shown on our cards, appearing in the middle of a word so for example with our cards J and B our word could be Object.

Word Association Card: Here you need to find two words that are linked but start with each of the letters so for example: Jump and Bounce.
Word Disassociation Card: Totally opposite to the above but for this card you need to find two words that have no link what so ever, so for our example letters it could be: Jam and Boundary.
Neither Letter Card would be a word that doesn’t have J or B in it such as Planet.
Bookends Card – where the first player to call out a word starting and finishing with the two cards showing wins the card such as Job.
Describe it Card – also known as the Hairy Gorilla card (which my 8 year old thought was very funny) so basically you need two words such as Bobbly Jumper.
Initials card – this is a tricky one (!), so it’s the first person to call out a famous person whose name starts with the two cards so in our example, Joe Biden. In all honesty we did end up adapting this one to people we knew who weren’t famous to make it a little easier for the younger players.

The aim of the game is to win as many action cards as you possibly can – to do this you must be the first player to call out after one of the above cards is placed. Then take that card and add it to your winning pile – the player with the most action cards at the end is the winner!

Sounds complicated but with any game, the more you play the more you get the hang of it – and who knew I had such competitive children!! With each game we had a quicker understanding of what each card meant and the faster and crazier each game got!

To help explain the cards, the box comes with a handy little instruction leaflet, and we found the you tube video online super helpful to explain it to everyone all at the same time.

It was brain-frazzling fun, we all had such a brilliant time playing it, in fact we played it for the whole evening! It’s the fastest player first!!!!

I would say the age range for this game would be 8 – 88. Only because of the famous people initials card, hence why we adapted it slightly for our little boy. You can have loads of players – so ideal for group parties but works just as well if there’s just two of you.

It’s great that it’s packaged in a little handy box which can be put into a bag or backpack. It takes 2 mins to set up, so we have used it in traffic jams, waiting for our food in a restaurant as well as around the family dining table.

I would highly recommend this game and in fact will be buying it for a few Christmas gifts this year.

RRP and Buy Link: Noggin is available from Amazon, Waterstones and most major retailers at a RRP of £14.99

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