Lindt Gold Bunny Milk Chocolate 500g Review


Reviewed by Colin Hewitt

With Easter fast approaching and any New Year resolutions of dieting a dim and distant memory, our attention can now turn towards the serious business of all things chocolate.

Recently I was very kindly sent a large Lindt Gold Bunny to taste and review (I know, it’s tough at times, but someone has to do these things, and fortunately, I selected not to give up chocolate for lent).

The Gold Bunny has been an Easter treat from Lindt since 1952. According to their website, a young child of one of their Master Chocolatiers was enchanted by a spring rabbit playing in the garden. She was so upset when it disappeared that her father vowed to make a golden replica from Lindt’s finest ingredients. It was an instant success, and since then, the Gold Bunny, adorned with its natty red ribbon and jangly bell, has become one of Lindt’s most iconic products.

I’m pleased to say that the product packaging was minimal, as it should be in these days of environmental awareness. For example, there’s no hard-to-remove plastic blister pack (which is often seen over-protecting Easter chocolate products on supermarket shelves. Instead, the Bunny is protected by a simple cardboard sleeve. In addition, the cardboard and gold foil used are both recyclable.

The Bunny comes in six sizes. The one being reviewed is the second-largest and weighs in at a hefty 500g. Mine had a relatively long shelf life (until August 2022, if it was ever likely to last that long).

The item might look beautiful, but what’s underneath? Is it all dressing? I’m pleased to say that the taste lives up to visual expectations.

It felt slightly barbaric, ripping off the foil and breaking the pretty Bunny into thick chocolaty pieces. However, I soon got over that and thoroughly enjoyed the product. The chocolate has a sweet, soft, rich, but delicate flavour. I must admit I usually consume very dark chocolate with a much higher cocoa content; however, this was delicious and far more satisfying than other milk chocolate products I have tasted in quite some time.

It’s worthwhile spending some time having a look (and possibly drooling) at the Lindt website. You’ll find loads of gift ideas to suit all occasions and budgets. I’ve always loved Lindt’s Lindor range. They’ve become quite a staple for Christmas and Birthday presents; however, I didn’t realise how comprehensive their products were, everything from individual bars to large hampers. I saw a much more extensive selection of items on their website than I’ve spotted in any high-street store.

This truly is a perfect Easter gift for a chocolate lover of any age. At £20, it might seem expensive compared to some cheap and cheerful Easter products available. However, you really are paying for a quality product here. On top of that, the Gold Bunny is much more fun than a standard run of the mill Easter egg.

Rating: A delicious 5 out of 5

RRP: £20.00

This product can be purchased from Lindt here.   They are also available from many high-street and online retailers.

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