Wilkinson Sword Ladies Bikini Razor and Trimmer, and Disposable Razor Review


Reviewed by Anon

This is perhaps a little shameful to admit but my current choice of razor is actually my husbands; we have shared a razor and just swapped blades for years and I have never seen the point of a purpose-designed razor for women. I am here to be proven wrong I hope.

I was asked to review two very different products from Wilkinson Sword, the first being the Xtreme 3 Beauty Eco Green Sustainable Razor. I usually cringe at the idea of disposable razors for two reasons, the main being the environment but secondly at some stage in my shaving-life someone has planted in me the idea that disposable razors will rip my skin, so I have never tried them.

With the first issue of the environment my mind was instantly put at ease with the reassurance that the razor is made from 95% recycled plastic and has a recyclable handle. Of course the packaging is made from over 90% recycled paper too.

Now these razors have an amazing lubricating strip containing aloe which creates such a smooth shave once water hits it as the gel becomes soft, plus you have three slightly flexible blades.

The razor is so light-weight but this didn’t affect its functionality. The handle is thin but comfortable to hold and it comes in an appealing purple and grey colour. When used on my underarms there were no nicks or cuts and the shave was completely smooth and stubble-free after one or two strokes. I was really impressed.
When used on the leg area again the shave was smooth and no nasty cuts to the ankle of knee area. I did take care in these areas.

The following day I did notice that much of the lubricating gel had been used up and the blades were starting to rust. I assume this is typical with a disposable razor, but based on this I would imagine you get just a few uses from the product and wouldn’t want it hanging around your bathroom for too long (even if you don’t shave very often) as the rust could mark surfaces and just doesn’t feel nice. Disposable razors are generally used for 3-10 shaves until the blades look dull.

The price-point of £11.99 for 12 (£1 per razor) is fantastic; granted they aren’t as fancy or smooth as the non-disposable razors but you have the convenience of the disposability and the eco-features.

I like the idea of being able to take a razor on holiday or even a business trip and throw it away without guilt. It’s also quite nice to remove the non-disposable razor from the shower which is covered in months of soap-scum, and use a shiny-new one every couple of weeks.

The second razor was the Intuition Complete Bikini, and this is a double ended tool in lovely white and baby-pink shades.

It being double ended does not cause an issue as you don’t touch the blades when handling. The handle is soft and rubbery with grooves for a comfortable grip.

Looking at the razor end first, the 5 bladed head has much more movement than the disposable and my current razor. When I started to shave the first thing I noticed was how the tool glided over my legs and underarms and curved to the contours of my body. It was a quick, smooth, single shaving motion and lacked the slight “scratch/bristle” sound that I have grown accustomed to with my usual razor and the disposable. It was smooth and silent over the tricky ankle and knee areas and just felt like a less risky “will I slice my skin open or not” approach to shaving.

My daughter will be asking to shave no doubt in the next year or two and I would absolutely buy this product for her as it feels safer than my shameful Men’s razor. I can appreciate why women have specific razors now.

The slight negative was on the bikini area as the razor struggled to achieve the totally smooth result that I like. It took more effort than the legs as you’d expect, but there was still stubble present.

Replacement heads can be purchased from the Wilkinson Sword website, and free delivery over £10 makes this a convenient option.

Looking at the trimmer end of the device, if I am totally honest I was a little scared to try this out. However what is handy is that a AAA battery is included in the box.
The instructions are written on the inside of the box, and I love to save on unnecessary paper for instructions but I think perhaps a perforated edge to allow the box to be ripped open would be useful as my instructions ended up in two pieces due to my impatience.
The instructions don’t tell you how to access the battery compartment as they assume some degree of common sense, sadly for me. You simply twist the centre join of the razor to reach the battery area, rather than pulling at it with every ounce of strength that you can muster. It is actually very simple.

The trimmer has four trim lengths, which can be achieved by adjusting the comb position or height. Once you turn the trimmer on it remains on until you press the button again, making it less fiddly than a press and hold option. In order to clean the device you remove the comb and then the blade, which is easy.

I really like the trimmer when used with the comb, and it is much easier than trimming with scissors. My hesitancy was forgotten pretty quickly as it was so easy and safe to use and achieved the right result pretty swiftly and evenly. It is my new favourite tool!

I removed the guard totally to try on my bikini area also and it did achieve a smooth finish without any rash. It felt slightly odd, not quite as smooth as when using a razor and shaving gel. The head is quite small so it does take longer too. Personally I would use this tool more for a trim and on some of the trickier areas where a smaller more precise razor is useful.

It is waterproof which always amazes me, but is fantastic as I only ever shave in the shower and it is just less messy.

The RRP was particularly surprising to me, just £10. This makes a great gift for a teenage daughter, Mother or other family member as it isn’t your basic-razor with the trimmer feature. I really loved it on my legs and underarms especially, and to trim, and am totally sold on the idea of using a razor designed for a woman.

I would give the razors a combined score of 4.5 stars out of 5.

Rating: 4.5 /5 stars

RRP: Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3 Beauty Eco Green Sustainable Razor £11.99 for 12 razors
Wilkinson Sword Intuition Complete Bikini Razor and Trimmer £9.99

The razors can be purchased here and here

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