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Learning Resources Create-a-space Storage Centre Review


Reviewed by New_Mama

I am a big fan of storage and organising solutions so was pleased to be sent the Create-a-space storage centre from Learning Resources. It arrived in a simple cardboard box and the item itself is within a further cardboard box with colourful images of the storage centre in use, along with key facts about the item.

Designed for use for 18 months old plus, this storage solution can be used for children or adults, creating storage and organisation for playrooms, bedrooms or study spaces. The item has 10 pieces designed as a carousel system, with 1 central round pot surrounded by 8 compartments and then the circular base which they all sit neatly on. This tray can also be used as a small tuff like tray to contain crafting activities for younger children. There is therefore plenty of space to allow you to store a range of stationary or craft items for various activities. I had wondered if the item would spin around like a lazy-susan to allow you to reach further back compartments with extra ease, however it doesn’t. This clearly isn’t needed but would have been a great additional design feature.

All compartments are easily removable which I thought was a great idea to allow you to bring just one or two sections to a do an activity at a time. For a child this is preferable to avoid them being overwhelmed or distracted by other items not required for their current activity. The item itself is quite large, with the circular tray 30cm in diameter and each main compartment 10cm (height) by 1.5cm (width).

The item comes in several colour options, pastel, blue, white and multicolour. I was sent the white one which I would say is more versatile and will be great as a more subtle option in a study. However, I think for use with younger children, one of the brighter colour options may work better to avoid the compartments being marked and looking scruffy very quickly. This would be my only real concern, that as soon as being regularly used to store pens etc, the compartments are likely to become marked which would be very noticeable. I haven’t had the item long enough to get marked and test out the brands claim that it is easily wipe clean, if so then they have designed this well, but I would be unsure whether biro or pen marks would easily and completely be removed.

From a quick browse on their website, the brand Learning Resources has a whole create-a-space range, with other storage containers and caddies designed to organise any work or craft spaces. The website also highlights the other extensive ranges that the brand has, all with a learning development component to them. There are also free downloaded activity sheets.

Storage is expensive and this item retails at £28 so is no exception to this. However, it is a great option for tidying up desk spaces in time for going back to school or as a gift for any ultra-organiser.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £28

This product can be purchased from Learning Resources here.

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