Philips LED Desk Lamp Review


Reviewed by Emily

I was excited to receive the package with a box containing a Philips LED Desk Lamp but I was a bit confused as I thought it was a mirror with a ring light I was being sent. Nothing on the box indicated it was a mirror. I was rather pleased when I opened it up to find that it actually was a ring light with a mirror.

The packaging could probably do with being a little clearer as if I bought this as a desk light I think I would be a bit disappointed as the mirror would be a bit distracting while I worked (I know as it sat on my desk for a bit after I opened the box and I kept catching my reflection in it!)

It came securely boxed with cardboard internal packaging. The light was then in a fabric bag to protect it. Also in the box were instructions, a usb power cable and a cleaning cloth. There wasn’t any setting up required, it was flat so just needed plugged in then I was good to go.

The product itself is lovely. It is modern in style with a cone shaped base holding a mirror with a ring light round it. It has a rechargeable battery, being able to move it about without needing a power point makes it versatile and to be honest you could even take it on holiday with you as it weighs in at less than eight hundred grams! It can be used while plugged in as well. It comes with a usb cable but no plug is included.

The mirror is about 19 cm in diameter and the lamp is 28 cm tall so fairly small in size. The mirror is really geared for using up close, not at a distance.

It is a LED light which produces a constant light which is kinder on the eyes. The bulb which is not replaceable, is 4.5W and is predicted to last fifteen thousand hours- if you use the lamp for two hours a day, the bulb would last over twenty years!

The base has touch activation and there are three setting for lighting, bright white light then two dimmer options.
The lamp is available in white and pink and the manufacturer offers a two year guarantee.

Where this light really comes into its own would be for putting make up on. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for my teenage daughter to snaffle the lamp into her bedroom for putting on her makeup! She loves it and says the bright light lets her see and apply, especially her eye makeup, more precisely.

The recommended retail price is £64.99 and it is currently available from and at £54.99 with both offering free delivery. (editor’s note – at the time of writing the review)

The lamp is quite expensive, but it is a longer term investment as it should last many, many years. I can see it would make a great functional gift for a teenager while also being a stylish home accessory.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £64.99

This product can be purchased from Amazon or John Lewis.

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