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Reviewed by New_Mama

With Christmas fast approaching around the corner, I am sure like many I am starting to keep an eye out for good Christmas gifts. I love buying books as gifts especially for children as they tend to last longer than many toys and also encourage social interaction and language development.

The parcel arrived in simple yet stylish branded packaging which would actually be sufficient I would think to use as gift wrapping if you were to order and send directly to the recipients address (black with Ladybird sticker designs on front and back). I received two books (‘Rainbow’ and ‘Happy Christmas’) in my bundle from Ladybird, both from their baby touch range and therefore suitable for 0 months plus. The aim of the baby touch range is to encourage sensory development and certainly the vibrant bright colours of both books are very eye catching as visual stimuli.

The Happy Christmas book would be great as a first Christmas gift for any child and has the secondary aim of helping develop first words. A fairly typical size of 182mm x 15mm x 182mm, the book I think would make a great stocking filler or Christmas eve box addition. Each of the 10 pages has a beautiful clear design of a Christmas themed item (such as present, star and reindeer), with the word clearly written in black below. The pictures on the right of each page also come with a touch feel sensory element to them, including felt, glitter and shiny card. These aspects really add to the design and sensory element of the book, however I was disappointed that these additions were only on half of the pages. I think to improve the design, considering sensory development is a key part of the book, the tactile elements could be incorporated onto every page in this edition.

The Rainbow book is much larger measuring 261mm x 15mm x 260mm. I loved how the pages, including the front, were shaped to allow parts of each page (and therefore a rainbow of colours) to be on shown from the front. The Rainbow book would certainly be great to encourage understanding of colours and, I think due to the novel page shape, is designed to help improve early motor development as well. Each page is on a white background and full of pictures of items of one colour, for example ladybirds and a tractor on the red page. The majority of items pictured are colour accurate however some such as the clouds are used on several pages in different colours helping a child understand what they are labelling. Black text is also present on each page, giving some simple instructions for your little one to say, do, or adding a slight story element to the book for adults to read. This time there was at least one image on every page that had a tactile sensory element added to it which I was pleased to find and really makes the book.

The books in this range are all hard book and pages are nicely thick so perfect for little hands to learn to turn pages without the risk of ripping these lovely books. Other titles in the range include other themed events such as Halloween and Diwali, as well as nursery rhymes, animals and getting dressed.

I would certainly recommend these as Christmas gift ideas for your own or other’s young children and will be considering others from the diverse range myself to purchase as further gifts in the future.

Rating: 4/5

RRP £7.99 for the Rainbow book and £5.99 for the Happy Christmas book.

Both are available to buy via the brands own website. The Rainbow book via and the Happy Christmas book via

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