Barebells Advent Calendar Review


Reviewed by Ilze

As is the case with many of us after the dreaded Covid/ isolation period, I’ve recently taken the decision to focus more on my health and nutritional needs. To put it kindly, I’ve become a LOT more fluffy than what is necessary. Perhaps you know a bit about this struggle too?

And if you do, it might be safe to presume that special occasions and events are so much tricker to navigate for you as well. Christmas time and Easter probably being at the top of the list for those of us who love food, but need to keep a tighter control on what we eat.

I love Christmas, and all that goes with it. That includes the delight of an advent calendar. Slowly counting down the days, with a ‘surprise’ sweet treat behind every window… The rising excitement (and slight panic!) as you get closer and closer to ‘24’… You just have to have one, don’t you?

But, as mentioned, I am working hard on reducing my ‘fluffiness’, and the last thing I want to do, is to steer off course as soon as December hits. We all know how quickly we fall off the wagon with temptation all around us, and where ‘one small chocolate’ often leads to as the days goes by.

With this in mind, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for an alternative this year, and was absolutely delighted when I came across the Barebells Advent Calendar. I was very happy to be picked as a reviewer for this.

This Advent Calendar was delivered quickly, and is an absolute beauty! It is so much larger than I expected, and presented really well. Just opening it felt like a real treat, and quickly got the attention from those around me as well. It feels like something luxurious, yet fun, to treat yourself or a loved one.

The calendar actually contains 24 full sized bars, all of which has between 15g – 20g of protein. There is a variety of flavours available, including several types of Salty Peanut, as well as Caramel Cashew, Hazelnut Nougat, Cookies and Cream and more. Altogether there is 9 different flavours.

As this calendar was gifted to me for reviewing purposes, I invited a few co-workers to help me test the flavours. Because there was such a nice variety, we all found something suitable, including those who are vegan.
Although a couple of people thought their protein bars were overly sweet, others thought it was just right. I think it is very much about personal taste, and you’ll never be able to please everyone with the same product. That said, I first chose the Hazelnut & Nougat Bar, and really liked it. At the same time, it was very filling. My favourite flavour was the Marshmallow Rocky Bar, and it was delicious.

It is nice that these are full sized bars for every day, it is such a treat. And of course it makes getting to protein goal much easier.

This advent calendar makes the perfect gift for health-conscious people. It is fun, it is substantial, and very presentable. I’ve no doubt that it will be a firm favourite for many this year.

The price is reasonable, and as early Christmas gifts go, this one is a winner. It is all of the fun, and none of the guilt.

Rating: I give this product a firm 4.5/5 stars.

RRP: £45.90

This product can be purchased from Barebells here.

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