Kids Stuff Crazy Soap Review


Reviewed by Sarah Bryan

This foamy stuff is endless squishy squashy heaven!

There’s a lot of fun squeezed into this 225ml can!

We all know this brand. Crazy Soap’s bright, eye catching packaging hooks your interest as you browse the children’s bath selection in the supermarket aisles. Every kid wants it. Every parent debates over whether it’s worth it. I was that parent. Many a time I have been tricked by the small folk into purchasing something amazing that turns out to be anything but….however this is something that will change bath time, inject a renewed frivolity into washing and those rolling eyes of your reluctant little cherub will be replaced with those of excitement at the prospect of bath time.

Our two mucky pups aged 3 and 6 were unbelievably eager for a bath at 2pm in the afternoon the day the postman delivered our Crazy Soap products and what followed was many evenings of long baths and instead of struggling to get them in, now it was hard to get them out!

It was the glittering aqua liquid in the bottle of “Magical Sparkling bubble bath” that transfixed our 6 year old. As we poured a small amount into the tub under running water, it bubbled up wonderfully and felt like a luxurious treat for her. A little goes a long way and its gentle on delicate skin.

The colour changing bubble bath is enormous fun and both girls were in hysterics as the red liquid drizzled into their bath “Urgh! It’s like blood!” said our 3 year old, before it changed colour to blue in the water “Woah! Now it’s like we’re in the ocean!”  There were many blue soups, milkshakes and smoothies made!

If you haven’t tried the Kids Stuff Foaming Soap then you are missing out – it’s like a creamy strong mousse that expands out of the aerosol can into your hands. It comes in a selection of pastel colours as well as white and has a delicate scent. The purple foam smells divine and reminds me of bubble-gum! Aside from completely overhauling bath time, this puffy fluffy foam can be used for endless messy play; moulding and shaping, giving toys wacky new hair styles, making it snow by throwing it up in the air and clapping your hands, driving your toy cars through it….it is sensory heaven!
We are on bath number 5 and trust me we have used the products generously so these are amazing value, a bundle wrapped up as a present would be wonderful for a child big or small.

All the Kids Stuff products are made in the UK and are mild and gentle, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. Great – no one wants any harsh chemicals on their children’s delicate skin.

The bubble bath comes in a curvy easy to grasp 300ml plastic bottle and the foaming soap in 225ml aerosol cans. With their trademark monkey head logo and bold splatters of key info, they’ve packaged their products very cleverly. From the vibrant colours to the eye catching details, the Kids Stuff Crazy Soap range simply screams fun!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: from £2.00

These products are available to buy from the Boots website here.

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