Amawrap Baby Wrap Review


Reviewed by Jo Tebbs

I was very excited to receive the Amawrap – Free to Roam Baby Wrap in the post.  There are a huge number of baby carrying products on the market; slings, wraps, papoose pouches, front/ back carriers, car seats etc. so it can be a little bit of a minefield trying to decide what we actually need or want to help assist us, or what we deem best for the precious little bundles.  I have previously used standard front/back carriers but have never had an experience using a wrap, so I was really looking forward to giving one a try and comparing it with my old baby carriers.

The cardboard packaging of the wrap itself measures 23cm (w) x 33cm (h) x 2.5cm (d). The front of the box shows a picture of a mum carrying her child along with the Amawrap logo. The logo is also cut out allowing the consumer to see the colour of the wrap contained within the box, and enables you to touch and feel the fabric that the wrap is made out of.
The packing says that the wrap is:
1. Made of 100% cotton – great news to protect our little one’s sensitive skins and means it’s a durable material.
2. ‘One size fits all’ – therefore it doesn’t matter the height, shape or size of the mum/ dad, nor the baby, it works and fits for us all.
3. It’s machine washable at 40 degrees – in my opinion, this is an essential ‘must have feature’ because without a shadow of doubt, it will get covered in vomit, milk, dribble and snot, to mention just a few things.

It’s also nice to note that the packaging has been made out of 100% renewable fibre from sustainably managed forests, so we are also protecting the environment for future generations.  The packing displays the website address in a few different places;

It’s really worth checking out their website because not only do they sell wraps/slings, but they also do some lovely and practical maternity, feeding/nursing clothes, baby comforters, as well as reusable washable clothes.  The website also provides a helpful 3 minute demonstration video of how to actually put the wrap on / wear it and then put baby safely inside. Even when lacking a little hand eye co-ordination, the wrap is actually really easy and simple to use, so within a few practice goes, I felt confident and comfortable in using the wrap properly and keeping little bubba safely tucked up inside.

Even through the fabric of the wrap is made of 100% cotton, it has been made exclusively for Amawrap and knitted in such a way that there is a slight amount of stretch within the fabric itself without the need for use of elastane. The fabric feels very soft to touch but yet very strong at the same time.

There is a great variety of colours, patterns and designs available so that you can purchase a wrap to suit your fashion and sense of style. Personally, I opted for the ‘Oyster Grey’ because it’s unisex and will go with pretty much anything. The ‘Posy Rosy’ is a really pretty summery floral design, whilst ‘Moroccan Star’ (royal blue and white) is quite a striking, bold print.

The wraps vary in range between £39.99 and £49.99, but I think the difference only appears to be in choosing a plain colour versus one of the patterned designs.

This Amawrap sling was also voted for in the Mum Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2018 awards, as the the consumers choice for best ‘Baby Wrap.’ This is a product, in its current form, that appears to have been helping mothers for a few years already, again providing me with confidence in the product itself. It’s had a test of time already.

Wraps have been shown that if worn correctly, they ergonomically provide the correct support for baby’s head, back and hips. This reassures us as a parents, that we are protecting our baby’s health and development.

One of my queries was to find out the age range that the wrap can be used for. Within the packing came a handy little booklet. It says that the wrap has been tested from 3.5kg (7.7 lb) to 15kg (33lbs), so it’s nice to know that it can be used for the average sized newborn baby through to (roughly) a 3 year old child. At least we can get plenty of wear out of it. This is a cost effective item for the length of time I can use it for.

The booklet provides various bits of information about caring for the wrap, showing you how to wear it following a step by step guide, some safety considerations and important rules to ensure keeping baby safe in wraps and slings (T.I.C.K.S).

  • Tight – it needs to hug baby close to you to ensure it doesn’t hinder their breathing or pull on your back.
  • In view at all times – you should always be able to see babies face when looking down.
  • Close enough to kiss – you should be able to tilt your head towards baby and be able to kiss baby on head.
  • Keep chin off of chest – always ensure that there is at least one finger width of space available under baby’s chin as not to restrict their breathing.
  • Supported back – the wearer should always feel supported in a natural position so that baby’s tummy and chest are against you.

The wrap is a great way for skin on skin contact with baby, which can be used by both you and your partner helping to bond with baby.  This has also been shown to reduce post-partum depression for Mum, whilst helping to regulate baby’s heart beat and temperature.

I like the idea that I can use it to breast feed my baby whilst out and about yet offering me some level of modesty. Not to mention whilst wearing it, both our hands are left free, meaning that I can carry out some household chores whilst keeping baby close to me, or otherwise and preferably, I can just sit down and catch 5 minutes for a cup of tea and a few biscuits!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: from £39.99

This product can be purchased from Amawrap here.

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