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Personalised Wine With Thank You Rainbow Design From Review


Reviewed by Rachel Cassey-Holland

As a family we entered self-isolation due to Covid-19 on 16th March this year – over two months ago now. A week later the rest of the country followed suit and went into lockdown and the world as we knew it changed beyond recognition. All at once we were isolated during a lockdown and life was quite complicated. At times like that when you feel really vulnerable you have to turn to and rely upon others for help because there are some things you simply can’t do yourself. Naturally you want to convey your thanks to those who have helped you in your time of need, but sometimes you wonder just how you can thank them in a thoughtful yet unique and original way.

When I was offered the chance to review a personalised bottle of wine as a way to thank someone during these strange times, I was intrigued. At first I was a little dubious because wine is a really unique and individual taste and what appeals to some taste buds certainly doesn’t to others. I also wondered if the wine might not necessarily be of the best quality as can sometimes be the case when you can’t choose the wine yourself. is the URL I was told to follow to place my order for my personalised bottle of wine. I have never used this website before so I wanted to see how easy the entire process would be. Their tagline is “Creating Gifts That Make You Smile” and on their home page they invite you to “Buy Personalised Gifts, Engraved and Unusual Presents Online”. Their home page certainly did make me smile – it is really bright, very visually appealing and really well set out. I couldn’t resist a sneaky little look around before I placed my order and I was almost overwhelmed by the huge range of gifts available – from alcoholic to house warming, baking, bags, football themed gifts, children’s gifts – the works! You name it and it looks like you can probably order it! I followed the Alcohol Gifts link through to the Personalised Wine section – literally as easy as that. The theme of my review was to order a gift of wine thanking the recipient during this current lockdown. The very first option seemed apt – a bottle of wine with a funky and bright rainbow on the label (Personalised Wine With Thank You Rainbow Design); rainbows being the theme of thanking our key workers. One click onto the PERSONALISE AND BUY button and I was able to simply make my choice and input my personalisation. There are three choices of wine available – red, white and rosé. I selected red as it is my tipple of choice and I was going to be the chief tester after all!

From here you have up to six lines of message, with each line having up to twenty characters per line. I completed my message (actually written to my husband to thank him for everything he has done for us as a family during lockdown) and felt that I had more than enough room for what I wanted to say. Finally you can select whether or not you send a greetings card with your gift. Due to the fact that the label is personalised you might not see the need for a card, but for a birthday or special occasion, including a personalised card as well is an extra thoughtful touch. There are two card designs to choose from for an extra £2.99, which is very reasonable in my opinion. On this occasion I selected no gift card as I felt the message on the bottle would be adequate.

I selected one bottle and added it to the cart. If you’re still unsure that this is the right gift for you then at this point you can add it to a wish list and come back later if you prefer. This even saves the message you have entered so you can either come back and add it without having to go through the process again at a later time or remove it if you decide upon something else. Before you check out you are able to double check your message again so you are absolutely clear that everything is as it should be.

The final step is to select delivery. I was really pleasantly surprised to see that standard delivery, which seems to take only a couple of days, is free. You can obviously choose for quicker, specified or tracked delivery, for which there is a charge of course, but the free standard delivery is a really nice touch. And with a click my order was placed, with an option to pay by card or by PayPal and it is also well worth noting that are also offering new users 10% off their first purchase.

It really must have been only two days later that the wine arrived. It was really well packaged to protect the bottle – first of all in a sturdy box and then on the inside the bottle was placed into a polystyrene bottle protector, which fitted snuggly into the box. The box was also clearly marked as fragile. Once I opened the box and removed the bottle I was really pleasantly surprised by the brightly coloured label and my personalised message, written in a really fun font. In print it looked really lovely and, all of a sudden, I could really imagine giving this as a gift to a keyworker or someone who had helped me or a family member to thank them for what they had done for me during these troubled times and/or to try and brighten their day.

Next came the big test – the tasting! Call me a heathen if you like but I was pleased to see that the bottle has a screw top! There’s nothing like giving a gift of wine to someone and then they end up with cork in it having opened it. At least you know that it’s going to have the desired outcome with a screw top and there are indeed some pretty decent screw top wines nowadays. First of all I had a little sniff – mmm, yes, I was pleased! There was no sour smell or hit to the back of my nose. I poured a little and took a small taste, letting it flow slowly over my tongue to gradually hit all the taste buds. I must admit I was a bit nervous about this step because I was still wondering whether or not it was going to be a nice wine. I am thrilled to say that I was very satisfied – this is a smooth and really pleasant wine and very easy to drink with no nasty after taste at all. I might have had a second glass once I had finished my first (purely for experimental purposes only, of course)! My husband enjoyed the wine equally and we agreed that this would make a super gift for someone and would make them feel rather special – most particularly if you wanted to thank them for something. This is certainly a wine that should appeal to pretty much all palates; it is uncomplicated with no distinct over- or undertones and it is very pleasant and certainly very drinkable.

So all in all I would really recommend this as a special gift, and I would also recommend Giftsonline4U. The entire process was faultless and seamless and the product itself is really lovely. I’d like to thank Hanifa for her enclosed message to me, which I found inside the box, which was a really lovely touch and showed me that Giftsonline4U clearly care about their customer’s experience as well.

This product retails for £19.99 on with additional charges made for adding a gift card and for special delivery outside of the standard free delivery. I would rate this 5/5 and I would like to thank you for the lovely opportunity. I will definitely be placing an order with you again and recommending you to my friends.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

This product is available to buy from here.

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