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The Meatless Farm Co. Mega Meatless Bundle Review

Reviewed by Melody Floyde

Having been a vegetarian for over 20 years I’ve really enjoyed the recent increase in the popularity of veganism as it’s meant there is so much more choice of meat free products available in both supermarkets and restaurants. Over the years I’ve tried a fair few meat alternatives, so when I was asked to try the Meatless Farm Co. meat free products I was very happy to oblige. I hadn’t heard of the Meatless Farm before so I was very interested to see what they had to offer.

I was lucky enough to be sent the Mega Meatless Bundle which consisted of two packs of meat free mince; two packs of meat free sausages and two packs of meat free burgers. These were more than enough to feed my family of four (two adults and two children) for several meals over the course of a week. The products arrived frozen with clear instructions on how to store them, defrost them and use them which was really helpful.

All of the Meatless Farm products are High in Protein and are sources of Fibre. They are also Gluten Free as well as being vegan. Another positive is that they are made in Britain and the packaging for all the products is made from at least 50% recycled materials and they are mostly recyclable too so it’s all good stuff. I also liked the fact that they had facts printed on the packs to say how beneficial it was to swap from meat products to meatless. For example, on the Mince it said that, by swapping from beef mince, we were saving the equivalent of the amount of water used during a long shower or the carbon footprint of a long drive. It’s also good to know that by swapping to a plant-based (vegan) diet we could potentially be cutting our dietary carbon footprint by up to 50%.

Firstly, we tried the meat free mince which is made from soya, pea and rice proteins. This came in a large 400g pack which we found was enough to make a veggie chilli to last us for two days. The mince was easy to cook by frying it for about 8-10 minutes before adding the other ingredients. The chilli was really tasty and had a nice creamy texture to it. The mince seemed to pick up the flavours of the other ingredients really well. I actually found that I preferred it made using the Meatless Farm mince than when it is made with our usual brand. We have also just had a spaghetti bolognaise using the other pack which was also very tasty.

Next, we tried the meat free sausages which came in packs of six. The recommended portion was two sausages per person which was perfect for my sons and I although my partner had three! The sausages are made of pea protein. They were very easy to cook under the grill, the cooking instructions recommended 5-7 minutes but we actually cooked them for longer than this as we preferred them to be browned. We served the sausages with mash and gravy, and they were really tasty, they were herby and had a slightly spicy taste. My boys both really liked them and my eldest said “they’re yummy, just like the ones we have at school” which is very positive feedback indeed. I enjoyed them and did find them tastier than the brand we usually have, however the one drawback for me was that they did seem to have a very high fat content, there was a lot of fat in the grill pan after cooking. I guess this is probably normal for regular meat sausages, but I never experience this with our usual veggie sausages.

Finally, we tried the meat free burgers which came in packs of two. Like the sausages, these are also made of pea protein. The instructions said to cook them in a frying pan or on the barbecue, however we decided to grill them which also seemed to work well. We served the burgers in buns with all the “works” – lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, gherkins, ketchup etc which was a real treat for my boys. We all found the burgers really tasty, they were moist and a really good size – one was certainly enough for me! My boys were really impressed and again said that they were “yummy” and “just like the burgers we have at school” which is again great feedback and meant that they couldn’t tell that they were vegan and not meat (like the school ones). Even my meat loving partner agreed that they were very tasty and that he would happily eat one instead of his usual beef burger.

Overall, I was really impressed with all of the products from the MeatLess Farm Co. The Mega Meatless Bundle was more than enough to feed our family of four for several meals and is great value at £15. All of the products were really tasty and a great plant-based alternative to meat. I would highly recommend them, and even if you’re not vegan or vegetarian, you should give them a go as they’re really healthy and you’ll be helping to save the world (even if only a little bit)! The Meatless Farm products can be ordered online from their website for home delivery and I have also seen them for sale in the supermarket.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £15

This product can be purchased from The Meatless Farm Co. here

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