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Game of Ham Review


Reviewed by Kelsey Pate

I have been given the great opportunity to receive the board game ‘Game of Ham’ to try out and write up a review for.  I received my parcel quickly and well packaged.  On opening the box, I found a nice neat good quality game box inside.  Game of Ham is a party card and board game that promises to have players squealing with laughter or turning away in shame!  The adult version is meant for people who like their humour dark and bitter.  Game of Ham stands for ‘Hating All Mankind’.   The game has an adult rating (18+) and is listed as 3-15+ players.

The box states to go online and watch a short video On how to play, which I really recommend you do.  The box includes 810 cards, 4 board pieces, 6 player pieces, 4 placeholders, 1 rulebook and 1 Quick Start guide.  I decided to unbox the game and try following the quick start guide (labelled ‘For first time players and lazy shits’!!!) to see how simple it was to set up and play.  We had the disadvantage of being in lockdown and only being 2 of us adults in the house to play the game (our children are too young).  I was impressed with the quality of the game accessories and everything is colourful, but I must admit I did find it all a little confusing and just a bit much.  There is a lot to take in initially.  Once set up and got our head around how to play, we made the decision to take in turns being the ‘judge’ while playing with us being 1 player short.  It became quickly apparent that this game was similar to Cards against Humanity but with the addition of a board and counters.  We had 10 pink cards each and took in turns to draw a grey card and read out aloud what it said.  Then chose a pink card to give a funny answer.  The winner is then chosen by the judge for the most appropriate and often funniest answer.  The player then picks one of the numbers on the bottom of the grey winning card and moves their counter on the board that number of spaces.  If land on a coloured ability spot the player picks up a coloured card that corresponds with that spot.  If land on a number, you move forward that many spaces.  The player who won the round then becomes the judge and you carry on in the same way as before.  You must always draw back up to 10 pink cards after each turn.  The winner is the one who gets to the golden goal spot and lands on it exactly.  We had fun making up funny answers to the grey cards.

In the main instructions book it gives detailed information of what everything means and its process.  There are numerous ways to play this game to make more challenge or fun to suit everyone, and there are tons of expansion packs available making endless possibilities.  You can even customise your own gameplay experience on their website so you can make the game how you want it.  I like the idea of making into a drinking game version as it would be a lot of fun with a big group of friends, but the mention of optional game for ‘Potheads’ is a step too far in my eyes and I don’t think will go down too well with the UK market.

Overall I can see the appeal of this game, but in my opinion it’s unnecessarily complicated (particularly if alcohol was involved)!! with all the options, though I am sure this will appeal to others.  There are descriptions on some cards explaining what words mean, which is helpful and often teaches us things unknown, but again it just added to more difficulty for us as needed to put glasses on to read the teeny text and it just took away from the humour of the game for us.  I really feel it’s an add on to Cards against Humanity, just served up in a different box, more colourful but still boils down to the same gameplay, which is great fun for a group of friends to play and a lot of laughs.  We will definitely get this game out to play with friends once we are able to and not on lockdown.  I am sure with more people it will be a great fun game, but I think we would play with just the cards and we will definitely give the drinking version a good go!!  You can also download a print and play version for free on their website, so worth a try before splashing out on the game set I am sure.  I am sure as this game develops it will be streamlined and improved and become a favourite adult themed game.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £32.84 + shipping

This product can be purchased from the Game of Ham website here.

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