John Frieda Detox & Repair Range Review

for Dry, Stressed and Damaged Hair

Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

For the first time in a long time I have had comments from several friends and family that my hair is looking shiny. I was very happy to respond that it was totally down to the range of John Frieda Detox & Repair products for dry, stressed and damaged hair. I was lucky enough to be sent 4 products to test out, the shampoo, conditioner, care & protect heat spray and the hair masque.

The first thing to note is the packaging looks classy and expensive but also reflects that it is a detox range by being mainly green with no bright colours. The products contain antioxidant rich green tea and nourishing avocado oil and when opening the shampoo, I was hit by a gorgeous fruity aroma. I must admit I wasn’t holding out much hope for this range as my hair is coarse, dull and heat damaged but couldn’t wait to give it a try. A small amount of the shampoo gave me a lovely creamy lather which easily spread through my hair. It washed out easily and at £5.99 for a 250ml bottle I immediately thought it was good value. The conditioner (RRP: £5.99) also gave a lovely aroma and was thick without being gloopy and spread well through my hair. It rinsed out easily and left my hair soft and silky. I was already very pleased with the result. The next day though I tried the hair masque (RRP: £6.99). It comes in a screw lid tub so I scooped some up in my fingers and ran it through my hair after shampooing. It has a lovely texture, not too thin or thick and only needs to be left on 3-4 minutes unlike some other hair masques. After rinsing my hair felt at a totally different level, I could run my fingers through it easily and it felt so silky.

The final test was to try the care and protect heat spray which comes in a 200ml bottle with pump spray (RRP: £5.99). After towelling drying my hair so it was damp and not wet, I followed the instructions and sprayed liberally throughout and blow dried without rinsing. The spray claims to “strengthen and protect hair from breakage and split ends. The nutrient rich formula provides the hair with moisture and smoothness and detangles gently” and it certainly lived up to its claims. My hair was smooth shiny and didn’t have any nasty tangles even after drying with my head upside down to get to the roots.

I must admit I am very impressed by the John Frieda Detox & Repair Range For Dry, Stressed and Damaged Hair. My hair is long with split ends, damaged from heat styling, coarse and dry so to end up with shiny soft and silky hair is a minor miracle. I think it is great value for money with most of the range £5.99 and under. The masque you could use around once a week so it would last for ages on shoulder length or shorter hair.

I am very lazy about arranging hair appointments and now due to my hair looking and feeling so healthy I can get away with another couple of months before an appointment. Thank you, John Frieda, I will be recommending this range to my family and friends.

Rating: 5/5

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