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Bee Green Wraps Family Starter Pack Review

Reviewed by Catherine Joyce

In my kitchen I have a drawer that is full of various sizes of plastic food bags, cling film and foil. With four of us taking sandwiches to work and school we seem to get through a ridiculous amount of plastic and foil. I try and reuse bags but my husband and sons don’t seem to do the same and merrily use a new bag each day, throwing the old one away despite it still having plenty of use left in it. I do remind them on a regular basis and they reuse them for a day or so before they slip back into their old habits. Therefore I was quite excited when I was asked to review some re-useable beeswax food wraps from Bee Green Wraps as I really want to reduce our waste and these sounded a great way to start.

Bee Green Wraps is a company that was created in 2018 by Katie Tyndale, a busy mum of two. Like me she was concerned about the volume of cling film, foil and plastic bags her family were using and wanted to look for a natural, organic and compostable alternative. The wraps are produced in Australia on an organic small-holding near Sydney from organic Australian beeswax and are then imported slowly by boat to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum. They are entirely biodegradable, reusable and chemical free.

I received the Family Starter Pack which costs £25.49, in it there are four wraps in four different sizes. The small wrap is 20cm x 20cm, the medium one is 26cm x 26cm, large is 31cm x 31cm and the extra-large is 35cm by 35cm. They arrived neatly folded and are held together with a cardboard sleeve. The sleeve has a little bit about the company on the reverse as well as instructions detailing how to use the wraps and how to clean them. There are 10 different designs available and I received the “vegetable” set which have a vegetable design on them. They look quite attractive as well as being very practical.

When you unfold them they do feel a little rigid but they easily mould to the shape of your dish or food using the warmth of your hands to achieve the desired shape. There is a faint beeswax smell initially but this doesn’t transfer to your food and I wouldn’t have noticed it if my son hadn’t put one to his nose (like children do!).

The smallest size is perfect for putting on top of small dishes when I have leftover tuna or extra pudding and is also just the right size to wrap a lemon or onion in. The medium size is perfect when I make pastry, I usually wrap it in cling film and then put it in the fridge but now I use the beeswax wrap as it is just the right size. I have been using the large wrap to wrap my sandwiches in and once you get the knack of folding the wrap around your sandwich it keeps it lovely and fresh and the crumbs don’t escape in my bag.

It is very easy to wrap food in the beeswax wraps, just place the item in the middle of the wrap and fold the wrap around the food. The wraps are great for cheese and I am finding that my cheese is staying fresh for longer compared to when it is wrapped in cling film. If you are covering a plate or dish you may need to warm the wrap a little more with your hands to mould it around your dish to give a good seal.

The wraps are easy to clean; they can be washed in cold/tepid water with a mild detergent. If you have food stuck to the wraps then they just need soaking for a few minutes until the food is soft enough to wipe off. They are best dried flat and once dry can be folded until the next time you need them. As the wraps are made with beeswax they should be kept away from anything hot and this includes appliances as well as food.

If you look after them they should last for 12 months and once you have finished with them you can just bury them in the garden where they will decompose!

I am really impressed with the wraps, our use of plastic bags, cling film and foil has drastically reduced and they really seem to keep food fresher for longer. They have a selection of wraps on their website www.beegreenwraps.co.uk with a small wrap starting at £4.99. The starter pack is excellent value at £25.49 and compared to buying the wraps individually saves you £4.97. I think the Bee Green Wraps would make a lovely gift or stocking filler for people who want to do their bit to save the planet and cut down on the use of plastic and foil in the kitchen.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £25.49 (Family Starter Pack)

For more information or to buy, visit beegreenwraps.co.uk.

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