GeekGear Harry Potter Wizardry Subscription Box Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

My eldest daughter is a massive ‘Potter Head’ and loves all things Hogwarts and magic related at the moment. Like all kids, she also really enjoys the experience of receiving things in the post, so the GeekGear Harry Potter subscription boxes were always going to be something that she would enjoy! GeekGear offer five different versions of their subscription box, all of which contain a mystery selection of Potter and Fantastic Beasts memorabilia and clothing delivered to your door every month. The boxes start from £14.99 for the Wizardry Wands box which sees a mystery wand arrive through your letterbox every month, to the Wizardry Box, Classic Box and Wizardry Wearable Box which are each £24.99 all the way up to the Wizardry Special Edition Box which is £44.99. We were sent the Wizardry Box at £24.99 to try out.

A lot of the fun of these subscription boxes is the mystery and surprise of not knowing what you will get until it arrives – it’s like opening a Christmas stocking every month! With this particular box, you are always promised 1x t-shirt, 1x exclusive print and 4+ other amazing products. The GeekGear Wizardry Box promises a combined value of over £50 per box and we couldn’t wait to see what was inside ours!

My daughter thought the cardboard box with the big GeekGear logo on the front looked really cool and she was soon diving in to see what her haul was going to be! We received the following:

  • Potter Patronus t-shirt (100% cotton)
  • Harry Potter Beanie Hat
  • Osseus Wand
  • Wolfsbane Tea
  • Platform 9 ¾ Hogwarts Express Gold Foil Mug
  • Nimbus 3000 necklace
  • Goblet of Fire Print
  • Harry’s birthday cake ornament

We thought the contents of the box were great fun, and there was a nice range of products so there would be something to suit most ages. When you’re ordering your box, you can specify what size t-shirt you would like and these range all the way from kids XS (age 3-4) to kids XL (12-14), Ladies sizes 6 – 16 and unisex sizes S – 3XL, as well as a colour for your t-shirt.

My daughter’s favourite part of the box was her wand which came in its own box with a wand information card with information about its core, the material it is made from and the length. This isn’t a ‘toy’ wand and really does look like something straight out of Ollivanders wand shop on Diagon Alley!

The mug in the box is beautifully presented in its own gift box and I think it was probably my favourite item as it is something that you would use every day and I loved the foiled gold design. The quality of the t-shirt feels great and we both really liked the slightly mysterious patronus image on the front.

The only item that I was a little disappointed in was Harry’s birthday cake, mostly because neither me nor my daughter could quite see the point in it – it’s not exactly useful for anything but isn’t attractive enough to use as an ornament either. Having said that, that’s what these surprise boxes are all about and I’m sure that it would have delighted some other Potter fans!

These boxes make a great gift idea for any Harry Potter fan, whether it’s on a subscription basis or even as a one-off box (both options are available). There’s lots of Harry Potter merchandise available in the shops this Christmas, but the items contained in this box are just a little bit different and out of the ordinary.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: from £14.99 per box

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