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John Adams Street Magic Review

Reviewed by Louise Edwards

Learning how to do magic tricks is such a brilliant skill to have and John Adams Street Magic contains everything you need to perform super cool tricks to amaze and impress your friends and family. 

Inside the box is a booklet of instructions containing step by step details of how to perform 75 different magic tricks using the items contained in the pack. The booklet is in black and white and I think it would have been more interesting if it were in colour but there are lots of photos to illustrate how to do the tricks making it fairly straightforward for children from 8 years to understand. 

The first thing to grab our attention was the super cool black baseball cap. This is no ordinary baseball cap but a unique magic prop. My sons aged 10 and 12 were very excited to get their hands on the kit and start trying out the tricks. They were soon making playing cards and money appear out of thin air using secret compartments in the cap!

The booklet not only gives clear instructions, it also gives you ideas of how to mislead your audience to look at something else at a crucial time.

There are plenty of other props contained within the kit such as magic shoelaces that tie themselves, self-folding banknotes and floating banknotes as well as turning plain paper into money (not real, unfortunately!). What is cool about these tricks are that once you have mastered magic with the notes in the kit there isn’t any reason why you can’t use your own banknotes and fool family and friends! There are also trick lottery scratch cards, trick matchboxes, card box that makes the cards disappear (this is so simple and effective), rope tricks and even a fake packet of Tik Taks (Tuk Tuks)!

The booklet also contains tricks using items you have in your cupboards such as sugar and salt so when the props have been lost or broken you can get use from the kit.

We all know that magic tricks can take a lot of practice to perfect, but this kit has something for everyone with some very simple and effective tricks as well as more complicated ones that may prove a challenge at first and do need a bit more practice. 

On the box it mentions that there are instructional videos online, initially we were unable to find these but have since been informed that the website address with a username and password are printed on a welcome leaflet in the box. These sound like a brilliant idea as children love to watch videos and, as one of my son’s is dyslexic, this would have really helped him with understanding how to do the tricks rather than just plough through the instruction book. We have since tried them and they are much better and more informative than the instruction booklet – seeing the tricks actually performed helps understand how the tricks work, making them easier to perform yourself.

Regardless of this, the kit is a brilliant resource to keep older kids entertained for hours. We are hoping that they will have mastered some impressive magic skills to wow the family at Christmas so watch out David Blaine!

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £23

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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