Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate Advent Calendar Review

Reviewed by Ann Durrell

As a child, Christmas started on 1st December. Why do I say that? Well, simply put because that was the first day I could open my advent calendar. The first day my mum and dad would allow me to eat chocolate at breakfast, apart from Easter. Over recent years ‘grown up’ advent calendars have increasingly common. Now you can get everything from beauty products to wine calendars. For me an advent calendar is all about chocolate. The perfect gift for me to start Christmas has to me a chocolate advent calendar. 

The Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate Advent Calendar is an excellent example of a sophisticated advent calendar for grown up kids. The design is classy enough to take pride of place on your mantel over the festive period. Plus, not only are you enjoying a special treat of premium chocolate, it’s also good to be assured that the cocoa products used by Green & Black are ethically sourced and each carry the Fairtrade logo.

The packaging is sleek and simple, the image of a tree with flashes of colour which mirror the brand colours of the chocolate bars wrapping. It is easily recognisable as a Green & Black’s product. Each day in December on the run up to Christmas day, there is a little door to open revealing a bar of Green & Black’s chocolate. 

There are five different variety of miniature bars inside, 85% dark chocolate, 70% dark chocolate, milk chocolate, dark with ginger and milk with butterscotch. Opening the wrappers on the bars they feel substantial, far from the tiny chocolates I remember from advents of my youth. The 15g mini bars look exactly like smaller versions of full-sized bars, from the wrapper all the way to being sectioned into 12 squares. 

So yes, they look great, but how do they taste… in short delicious. My favourite has to be the dark and ginger, first bite and your mouth is filled with the taste of smooth, quality chocolate, a further bite and you hit the soft ginger, full of warmth and spice, the dark chocolate and the gentle heat of the ginger balance perfectly. The milk chocolate with butterscotch is a taste sensation, a gentler milk chocolate against the crunchy buttery butterscotch tastes somewhat comforting. Green & Black’s milk chocolate is an example of good chocolate produced exemplary well, and the two variety of dark chocolate are less sweet and very satisfying.

I am creating a new Christmas tradition in my household that the first Christmas gift I receive has to be a Green & Black’s advent waiting for me to open on 1st December. If you have a chocoholic in your household, I would recommend you buy them a treat this Christmas and give them the gift of gourmet chocolate Green & Black’s advent calendar, or just treat yourself! It is Christmas after all!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.99

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