Finding the Perfect Printer For Your Home Office, Home schooling and University Study


As a busy mum of three who was home schooling 2 of my children from March until the summer holidays, I was keen to ensure I gave my children the best support with their education possible.  As part of this aim, I felt that having a reliable printer that was cost effective was crucial.   That said, whilst home schooling was my main priority at the time, I wanted to ensure that whatever printer we had as a family could be used to meet my university printing needs too as well as those I have related to my work from home business.   I had worked with Epson before in the past and was delighted be given the opportunity to work with them again.   They offered me their Epson ECO Tank ET-7750 printer to review.  It arrived very quickly which was great as I was so excited from the moment I heard it was coming.   With this printer, wanted to wait to do this write up until I could get a better idea of how I have found this printer to be over time, how cost effective it is ink wise, its reliability etc.  Well, I can tell you now that it ticks all the boxes.  I will start though by talking about the set up process which was:

  1. Put cd into cd drive
  2. I started running the install programme
  3. It prompted me to remove all protective materials
  4. I opened the ink tank cover and filled the ink being careful to ensure the ink filling the tank with matches the ink colour of tank and being careful to make sure bottle doesn’t hit against objects or may spill.
  5. I then stored the bottles upright for later use
  6. I closed the ink tank securely
  7. I closed the ink tank cover securely
  8. I closed the scanner unit
  9. I put the printer on a flat surface and plugged in
  10. I held down the power button till the lamp turned on and raised the control panel
  11. I selected my language
  12. A message then came up on the control panel saying to see the start here sheet to complete initialization
  13. I pressed the ok button for 3 secs
  14. I then had to tick a checkbox to confirm that I had filled up the ink tanks and press the start button on the control panel
  15. Then I had to wait approx. 7 minutes for the ink to charge without opening the scanner unit or turning off the printer
  16. I then had to load paper into cassette 2 and press OK to adjust the print quality and print a nozzle check pattern which came out perfect.
  17. I then pressed OK to run the head alignment pattern.
  18. Then I was shown how to open the lower cassette and load paper adjusting the edge guides to suit my needs.
  19. I opened the scanner unit
  20. I opened the ink tank cover and ink tank cover cap
  21. I skipped the next few steps as I filled the ink earlier.
  22. I then selected wifi connection option.  There are also options for USB cable and ethernet.
  23. I had to wait a little while while. 
  24. I then had to select the wifi set up option on the printer control panel, select the wifi network and enter the password
  25. On the first try I didn’t manage to establish the wifi connection but I simply repeated the process and it worked the 2nd time. I think it was because of my internet signal strength at the time.
  26. The CD then took me through some more steps to add the network printer to my laptop
  27. The printer control panel prompted me about a firmware update so I went into settings, found that option and ran the update.
  28. I then continued with the CD installation programme and selected to print a test page where prompted.

The above steps did not take long at all and I was soon able to print off all the resources my children needed for their home schooling.  The cassette tray holds a generous amount of paper and so I am not up and down filling the tray too often.   I must have printed out hundreds of pages yet there is so much ink left. This is a huge plus as I won’t have the expense of replacing the ink on a regular basis.   The print quality is amazing and the print speed is impressive.   I have printed successfully onto a variety of materials including copy paper, card and photo paper. The scanner function is so easy to use, as is the copy function.  Both of these are so useful in the course of running my home business.    The printer has been an absolute godsend for my university study too. It has always proved itself reliable and I think the ECO Tank printers are the easiest printers I have ever set up. If you are someone who likes printing photos like me, you may be interested to know that the Epson website states that this printer can print up to 3,400 photos. That is incredible. 

Whilst I tend to print from my laptop, I did want to mention how easy it is to print using the Epson mobile phone app.

Whilst this printer is at the top end of the range and prints A3 size, there are other fantastic printers within the ECO Tank range too.   This printer even comes with a 3 year extended warranty.  Terms and conditions apply. 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £699.99 but available for £599.00 at the time of writing this review.

For more information, please visit the Epson website here.  

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