Lucky Mama Review


Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

I heard about Lucky Mama by reading about it on a website and I could not wait to give it a try.   I am not sure who likes pasta and pizza more, myself or my children.  What I love so much about Lucky Mama is that they didn’t let current circumstances get in the way and started up their foot truck from their garden. Within a couple of days of hearing about their new venture I headed of to give them a try.  Upon arriving at their food truck I was met with the most delicious smell and two wonderfully approachable people, Mamadou and Gaby.  My companion and I told them what kind of sauces we like and they advised us which to get. My companion opted for Old School ragu with Bigoli pasta as he is a big fan of spaghetti bolognaise.  I went for their hot marinara, which I had mushrooms and sweetcorn added to.  They make their pasta from scratch too.    Whilst waiting for our food to cook we had an enjoyable chat with Mamadou and Gaby.

Mamadou and Gaby kindly made me a square pizza too.   I had vegetables on it.  It was the best pizza I have ever tasted and my companion did not get a look in.   We discovered that Mamadou makes their dough fresh every day. 

Their square pizza costs from £6.50 (margherita) to £9.00 for Carne con Carne or Mama’s favourite.   You can even buy a Craft Your Own pizza from £7.00.  That would be ideal for myself as I love pizzas packed with chicken and vegetables.  Plain garlic bread costs a very reasonable £3.50 and cheesy garlic bread £4.50.   They have 9 different pastas available costing from £5.75 up to £6.75.  They even sell lucky dough balls from £4.95.   Whilst I only tried some pizza and pasta, I have no doubt that their garlic bread and dough balls will be just as yummy.  My companion and I both horoughly enjoyed our food. The portion sizes were generous and the food so tasty.

Please note that the Lucky Mama food truck is also available for private hire.   I would buy food from them if I was ever attending an event they were at.    Food can be ordered online and picked up from their food truck.   Their opening hours are Wednesday – Saturday from 3pm until 9pm.

I would buy food from them over and over again.  It is too yummy to resist with the added bonus of the people who run the business being such lovely people.

Rating: 5/5

For more information, please visit the Lucky Mama website here .

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