The Essential Guide To Planning A Wedding During A Pandemic


Even if you are planning on getting hitched in a post-pandemic world, the chances are that you are keen to get your preparations underway while you are locked down. So much more free time on your hands should be put to good use so forget the allure of the latest Netflix box set and start doing something more productive. What could be more productive than planning your wedding? If you are furloughed or working from home, your daily commute is cut, so you have plenty of time to sort the venue, hire the photographer, design the wedding bands, and organise the catering. Take a look at this essential guide to help you plan a wedding during these pandemic days.

Make It Bespoke

Because you have time to start your wedding planning early, try to add a few bespoke touches into your theme. You are only planning on getting hitched once so try and make it as memorable as possible. Consider heading to a site like to choose a stunning engagement ring. Consider adding some uniqueness by designing some one of a kind wedding bands. Choose a colour and a material such as titanium, rose gold, or silver, and enjoy seeing your design come to life. The wedding rings that you select are crucial, as once your wedding day is a distant memory, those wedding bands will still be around your fingers to remind you both of your special day.


You don’t have to opt for the full-on three course sit down wedding breakfast if you don’t want to. It can be tricky to cater for all dietary requirements and the challenge of keeping people entertained as plates come out of the kitchen and get cleared away can be stressful. If you fancy something a little less formal, why not go for a giant hog roast or a kooky little catering van to give your guests a more rustic feast. Street food is all the rage at the moment and you can secure the services of some great little vintage food vans. These can look great on photographs and rustle up some authentic gastronomic fayre for your nearest and dearest.


When considering the venue of your wedding, check out the sorts of unique options available to you at Think about a place that is meaningful to you as a couple. If you had your first date in a cinema and you are a couple of movie buffs, why not get hitched in an achingly cool vintage arthouse theatre. With the screen backdrop, a beautiful art deco styling, and ready-made seating, this venue could be perfect. Alternatively, think about getting married in a stately home garden or on a beach. These summer-ready weddings give the perfect backdrop for photographs and can provide a less formal celebration than the church-based alternatives.

Getting married should be the greatest day of your life. Think about adding a touch of uniqueness to your preparations and utilise these Covid-19 days to hone your perfect wedding day plans.

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