Whole Earth Chocolate and Hazelnut Peanut Butter Review


Reviewed by Mel Magnan

Well what a can i say this time i have been sent a 340g jar of whole earth which even sounds healthy ,chocolate and hazelnut smooth peanut butter to review it came very well packaged wrapped in bubble wrap and in a cardboard box so it arrived all in one piece and i can recycle the box .I really do actually love peanut butter especially the crunchy one I’m not fussy which brand it is as long as its a big jar !! i have been eating it since i was a small child so probably have shares in the stuff and like wise my children and grandchildren all eat it too , my husband wont touch the stuff I don’t think he’s even tried it he doesn’t know what’s he’s missing he might like this as an alternative , so i always have a large jar in the cupboard i eat it on toast , in sandwiches , on crackers and on crumpets it’s a great comfort food for me . The jar i received is a limited addition and is a healthier spread choice which is good you don’t mind eating it ,as it says on the jar , it has all the ingredients on the label which includes roasted peanuts, which is 73% which i am surprised at as it tells you on the jar chocolate and hazelnut but only has hazelnut paste, peanut oil which is from sustainable palm oil which is a good thing with the environment the way it is. Also suitable for vegetarians and vegans , its also sweetened with natural dates so has 80% less sugar so a good all round product and even great for people who are gluten free so no one is missing out and its a source of protein too. You could always use it for cooking when making cakes or cookies , don’t keep in the fridge when you have opened the jar as it’s impossible to spread . The taste I’m not sure as much as i really like peanut butter and chocolate spread but not together to me its a acquired taste having had it on toast this morning I’m still not convinced but I’m sure my grandsons will eat it i have seven grandsons so I’m sure one of them will eat it !! The jar is recyclable so great for the environment , its made by Kallo which is a brand name owned by Royal Wessanen which is a Dutch company which only make organic foods , but they do make a variety of foods which includes rice cakes ,Belgian chocolate biscuits, stock cubes and lots more have a look on their website. The ingredients in their products have no artificial colours or flavours or preservatives which makes all their foods healthy and an ideal alternative . I will give it another go another day to see if i can get used to the taste hopefully I will . The price is around £3 and can be brought from Tescos and other leading supermarkets or you can order it on line from Kallo. So its not for me I don’t think but it will not be wasted one of my boys will make sure it’s demolished .

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £3

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