VEX Gift Card Review


Reviewed by Lauren O’Hara

I love the idea of giving gift cards as presents. If I have an idea of a present for someone, that’s perfect but it doesn’t always happen. I am not very good at finding the perfect physical present and I feel like I never get it right! I also hate the idea of giving someone a present for them to say ‘thank you’ and never actually use it. To me gift cards allow you to give someone a gift that that will actually use and the VEX Gift Card goes one step further. The recipient can actually choose where they want to spend the gift card. Adding to that at the minute it is so hard to get out to the shops to find the perfect present as shopping experiences have changed so much now due to Coronavirus. When given the opportunity to review the VEX Gift Card I thought it was a great opportunity to try out an online gift card and I was not disappointed with my expectations.

The VEX gift card is super easy to order and can be ordered in any amount from £10-£250. Once you place your order they are sent out to your selected delivery address. You can add a message of your choice and they are sent out in a lovely presentation card to your selected delivery address which is perfect because you don’t have to physically hand it to them. great for family and friends who live farther away.

Once your friend or family member receives it they can use it to order any of the major retailers available at These include some big names such as B&Q, Ticketmaster, John Lewis, M&S, Ikea and so many more. It can also be exchanged for epiecernces such as cinema tickets, hotel and spa stays, and even a race car driving experience. VEX Gift Cards can also be redeemed over the phone if the person prefers that over ordering on the internet. Once they have used the VEX Gift Card to order their store gift card it is then send out to them within two working days. Making the process super easy and fast. When I placed the order the VEX gift card came the next day and I found the website really user friendly. You can also log on to your account on the website to check your Card Balance. The VEX gift card doesn’t have an expiry date so there is so no rush in ordering.

I would give the VEX gift card 5/5 stars. I thought the whole process was really easy to use and will take the stress out of buying presents. There were so many different vouchers which can be redeemed with the VEX Gift Card you will be able to buy it for anyone on your list. Going into winter and the possibility of more lockdown measures spreading throughout the country this would be the perfect way to send a present to someone farther away without actually being physically together.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £10-£250
This product can be purchased from Voucher Express here

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