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Poo-Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray “Secret Santa” Review


Reviewed by Sarah Bryan

Poo-Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray “Secret Santa”
A toilet time game changer
A number one product for a number two problem
As I opened up the padded envelope containing my Poo-Pourri item to review, the gentle aromas of Wintertime and Christmas danced their ways up my nostrils and into my olfactory system, evoking that comforting feeling of yuletide…The warm cinnamon, the fruity citrus notes and the sweet vanilla.
Where Poo-Pourri differs from your average toilet air freshener is that it smells natural and pure and this is due to it being made using a “blend of natural essential oils and clean fragrance oils” as detailed on the bottle. This is a complete breath of fresh air compared to the awful generic sickly strong pine based sprays you find on the supermarket shelves.
Another groundbreaking difference with Poo-Pourri is how you use it. As the name suggests, you give the bottle a few squirts directly into the toilet bowl before you do your business. The science behind it claims that by using it in this way, any odours are trapped below the surface of the water giving a much more pleasant afterglow for anyone subsequently using the facilities. Genius! It’s such an enigmatic little container that you could always pop it in your handbag for when out visiting family or friends to save everyone’s blushes.
The Before You Go toilet spray is something I didn’t know existed until this little delight landed on my doorstep and I can honestly say it has brought a wonderfully sweet aroma into our home. We have put it through its paces in the downstairs guest toilet as well as the upstairs family bathroom which gets a lot of use and it has performed outstandingly. None of us have tired of its tasteful seasonal fragrance and are so impressed, in the New Year we will take a look at some of the other scents in the Poo-Pourri range.
With its tongue in cheek instructions and festive humour, this little gem makes a wonderful stocking filler that will not only generate some giggles but also has a very practical use!
It’s a classy little black and white bottle that adds a bit of discreet sophistication to your water closet. I love its small compact shape and matt feel. It’s luxurious and neat and is beautifully decorated with traditional festive imagery entwined with loo rolls!
This pocket sized 59ml bottle holds up to 100 uses and at £7.99 this is a must have for you as a toilet essential or a brilliant thoughtful little gift to someone who would appreciate it.
The Secret Santa Poo-Pourri Before You Go “ornament” comes in a slightly smaller size of 41ml with up to 70 uses and comes in a lovely little box complete with ribbon and a gift tag on the side making it ideal as a cheeky tree decoration for your good humoured friend or your own secret santa work colleague. It brings a light hearted touch but is a fantastic little item and at £6.99 this is a unique gift that as first glance could hold anything!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7.99

You can purchase this item from the Poo-Pourri website here

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