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The Liscia Water Filter Jug Review


Reviewed by Sandip

I was fortunate to be gifted an Aqua Optima Liscia Jug to review and was very excited by this prospect. I live in a hard water area so a water filter jug seems like an ideal thing for me to have at home.

On opening the box, I found what was quite a slim lined jug compared to other water filter jugs that I had seen or had in the past. This positive of this is that the jug actually fits in the door of my fridge, which means that not lonely can I have access to freshly filtered water, but it can be cold too! Which is perfect when you have a week like this week where we are having a mini Indian summer week!

The sleek design doesn’t mean there is a small capacity for water though. The jug fits 2.5 litres of water, which in turn holds a filtered water volume of 1.2 litres.

Setting up the jug and filter was pretty easy and the instructions were very clear. The Liscia jug comes with an Aqua Optima Evolve+ filter which will provide enough uses for 1 month or 100 litres of water. A quick google showed that there is also a 60 day filter that can be purchased and used instead which makes things a bit easier. Especially given that putting the filter onto the jug head is actually very tricky. Clipping and twisting the filter head required a really firm grip and the connection was very tight to twist on so if you are elderly or have weak wrists, this could be a struggle. It was so tight that I thought it might snap bit it didn’t at all. I guess the tight fitting of jug head to filter is needed to aid the water filtration.

Before you put the filter on you have to do soak it to remove all the bubbles from the carbon system inside the filter but this only took about 15 minutes in total so very straight forward and quick.

The lid fits on nicely but there is a very handy easy fill lid that you can flip up and top up the jug with water as an when you need to.
The body of the jug is very sturdy and not flimsy at all so it does feel like a good quality product. It definitely gives the branded ones a run for their money!

Another bonus in our household is that my kids use humidifiers in their bedrooms during winter season when the radiators are on as they have dry eczema prone skin. These sorts of humidifiers always work best with filtered water and now, we have it on tap, so to speak! Very handy when the kids come back from school with the common cold and need their humidifiers with a few drops of eucalyptus oil added to the filtered water.

I have used the jug for just under a week now and have had no issues with it whatsoever and would happily recommend a Aqua Optima Liscia Jug to my family and friends.



For more information please visit the Aqua Optima website here.

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