Spice Pots Review


Reviewed by Jenny Bray

Firstly, I should probably start by confessing that curry is one of my favourite foods, yet I rarely cook one from scratch at home. I cook pretty much every other meal from scratch but have always been a bit nervous about getting curry right for some reason.

This item arrived boxed with a lovely, colourful sleeve round it that had multi coloured flowers circling an elephant design and a basic explanation of the product. Inside were four metal pots, each colour coded to a different type of spice blend. The four included are; Bhuna, Goan, Korma and Tandoori Masala. The box included a small recipe book with 8 recipes in.

I like that the company is a small one, based in Scotland, set up by a sleep deprived Mum of 3 (I can relate!).

The way it was packaged would make it a great gift for a curry loving friend as it’s definitely aesthetically pleasing. It’s also a little different and at a good price as an additional gift for someone.

I’ve only had the opportunity to try one recipe so far but I found it really straightforward and easy to follow. Because the product is a spice blend already mixed for the occasion it only requires a few other simple ingredients to make a tasty curry. You may need to buy coconut milk in though, if it’s not something you normally have in your cupboard. I waited until I’d bought some as my preferred options included it and it’s not something I normally have.

The product is made with all natural ingredients and is gluten free, sugar free, salt free and nut free. I was surprised that it is salt free as I often think of curry as being a little salty. I like that it doesn’t have any artificial ingredients in, which automatically makes it seem healthier. The packaging is also 100% recyclable, which I think is important in this day and age. There’s no plastic to be seen. Their website also confirms that the products are all GM free.

It’s a simple concept but very effective. It has started me on my journey of making healthy curries at home for my family. I have previously limited the amount of curry I cook for my children due to using a ready made jar, which I know is high in salt as well as having all sorts of other preservatives and unnecessary ingredients in. Using these spice pots with the suggested ingredients means you know exactly what is going in to your dish and that all the ingredients are healthy and suitable for the whole family.

Upon looking on their website they do an option for vegan recipes with the same spices and they also do refills for the pots which the packaging is both compostable and recyclable. They also do gift sets that include full recipe books, gift tins, a student starter kit, a bbq kit and even a candle to help reduce cooking smells. The gift tins vary with messages including for engagement, thank you, house warming and even divorce! There is also a festive food survival kit to add spice to your Christmas dishes.

I would definitely recommend this product. I’d buy it as a slightly quirky gift.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.95

You can purchase this item from Spice Pots here

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