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Rubik’s Revolution Review


Reviewed by Claire Giles

Having children who are fans of the original Rubik’s cube I thought this was something that would interest them. Described on the packaging as ‘Fast & Challenging Cubic Action’, ‘Flip, Find, Press Light, Solve’ it definitely seemed intriguing. The Rubik’s Revolution is for children aged 6+.

It arrived in clear plastic packaging that showed a 3D view of the cube that made it really stand out but was really difficult to open especially with eager kids waiting! Once it was finally opened my kids could not wait to play with it. It comes with a instruction leaflet that explains how the Revolution works. It has voice prompts, sound effects and LED lights. There are 6 different games that require ‘Speed, Agility, And Quick Thinking. The games are single and multiplayer. Unlike the classic Rubik’s cube the cube does not twist but has a different coloured light button on each side. You use these buttons to play the games. Once you switch on the on/off button the Revolution will announce the main menu which lists each game and prompts which coloured button to press to start each game.

Game 1 – Light Speed (Blue Light)
In this game you need to rotate the cube to find which of the light buttons is illuminated and press it quickly. Then another light button will illuminate and you need to do the same again. You continue finding and pressing the correct light buttons until you miss one and a buzz will sound to end the game. The Revolution will then announce your score of how many lights you managed to press. The longer the game goes on the challenge increases by the light buttons changing faster. This game can become quite addictive and I have found myself playing this many a night after the kids are in bed.

Game 2 – Pattern Panic (Green Light)
This is a sequence / pattern game. The Revolution will announce a colour and you must press the corresponding light button. Then the Revolution will announce the same colour followed by a second colour. You again must press the corresponding light buttons. The Revolution will continue this pattern adding another colour each time. You need to keep pressing the requested light buttons to follow the pattern. This continues until you miss a colour, press the wrong colour in the sequence or run out of time. A buzz will signal the end of the game and your score will be announced. This game is harder than the light challenge and gets harder the longer the colour sequence continues.

Game 3 – Light Speed Trainer (Yellow Light)
This game is the same as Light Speed but easier. Instead of one light button being lit up each time , two light buttons light up. You only need to press either one of the two light buttons to continue the game making it easier to play. Apart from this change same rules as Light Speed apply.

Game 4 – Sounds Out (Orange Light)
The light buttons with a corresponding sound will play simultaneously at different volume levels. You need to listen closely and press the light button omitting the loudest sound. You repeat this process with the all light buttons as the volume decreases until silence is achieved. If a mistake is made a buzz will sound and the game will reset to the beginning. Your elapsed time will be announced when you complete the game. This game can be quite difficult and you do need to listen really closely to the sounds and corresponding lights especially as the volume decreases.

Game 5 – Multiplayer Madness (Red Light)
Play against your friends and family. The Revolution will ask how many people are playing and ask you to press the corresponding light button to the number of players. This game is very similar to Light Speed but with multiple players. The first player needs to rotate the cube and press the illuminated light button. The Revolution will then direct the player to ‘pass the cube’ to the next player. The next player again finds and presses the illuminated light button and passes the cube when prompted. This continues with all the players in turn until a player presses the wrong button or fails to press it in time. A buzz will then sound and that player is out of the game. The last player not eliminated wins. To make it harder the game gets faster and faster the longer the game continues. This game was definitely a favourite with my kids and they loved competing against each other. Their excitement gained momentum as the game got faster and faster and the Revolution seemed to be being passed between them at light speed.

Game 6 – Full Charge (White Light)
The light buttons will illuminate one at a time around the cube. You need to catch the illuminated light button by pressing it before the light goes off. Once you catch a light it will start to flicker to show its been caught. You need to catch all six lights to win the game. Your elapsed time will be announced when all six lights are caught.

After the end of each game the Revolution will return to the main menu. The Revolution voice commands and prompts are good and make it really user friendly. The cube is well made and very durable. My girls managed to drop it down the stairs (as kids do!) and it still worked perfectly without even scratch on it. You do not need to be a fan of the classic Rubik’s Cube to enjoy this game and its a good fun twist on a classic game.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £20

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