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The ‘Whatever Pan’ by Professional Cookware Company ‘Jean-Patrique’ Review


Reviewed by Kat Harrison

This week I’ve been busy in the kitchen, testing out my new ‘Whatever Pan’. Professional Cookware Company ‘Jean-Patrique’, suggest that this cast aluminium griddle pan that comes complete with glass lid, will ‘sear, sizzle and grill its way into becoming a kitchen favourite.’ Let’s see.

The Whatever Pan can withstand temperatures up to a whopping 250°C, which for me isn’t a huge selling point as our oven dial has never adventured beyond 210°. However, the pan is as agile on the hob as it is in the oven. Not only is it suitable for gas induction, ceramic and electric hobs, it can easily switch between stove and oven; perfect for those who like to braise before they roast.

That said, before I go any further, I feel I must make a very important point. Whilst we’re all naturally predisposed to using oven gloves; when it comes to cooking on a hob, I’m sure many like myself, regularly adjust pans via their handles, skin to metal. When it comes to the Whatever Pan, you’ll need to retrain those instincts. The handles are part of the unibody cast aluminium construction and get VERY hot when cooking. I learnt this the hard way. Had I read the small print before use, I’d have seen the word CAUTION, offering a capital letter warning. It does make me think I’m by no means the first to fall foul. If you decide to buy this pan, I’d recommend adding the Silicone Handles for an extra £3.99 to your basket. I’m of the thinking that they should perhaps automatically be included in the sale of the pan, as part of a package.

The Whatever Pan has found a friend in sausages in our house. The non-stick surface means I can cook them on the hob without any oil and the griddle lines help lock in flavour. I’ve never had so many requests for bangers.
It’s a bonus that the bonded steel base heats up quickly and evenly, meaning I get to quieten the calls of, ‘But I’m hungry Mum’, sooner rather than later.

The pan is relatively easy to clean. I probably take a little longer than necessary as I’m wary about damaging the non-stick finish, which so far hasn’t come unstuck! The instructions advise not to put the pan in the dishwasher for this very reason. The pan’s extra deep 4.5 cm sides help protect kitchen counters and ovens from sloshes and splashes, which saves on cleaning. However, getting the griddle base clean does require a little extra patience and a tad more elbow grease than a smooth-based pan does. But nothing drastic.

So far, the Whatever Pan has sorted me out with bacon for my butties, seared several steaks and braised my beef. It’s also ideal for keeping dishes warm in the oven. When the other half has got stuck in traffic, I’ve transferred his tea from plate to pan and it’s kept a variety of dishes warm without drying them out. The glass lid has an escape valve to let out excess pressure, (but if it’s going in the oven, make sure the temperature doesn’t go over 180°C).

In some respect, I’m too much of a novice cook to really appreciate this pan; or perhaps too stuck in my ways and accepting of the kitchen equipment I’ve used without issue for the last twenty five years. The Whatever Pan is getting used, albeit it largely for the kids’ favourite tea. However, I have just discovered that the Jean-Patrique website features some delicious looking recipes, perfect for the pan. Spicy Parmesan Salmon, Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni and Chicken Lollipops, here I come!

The Whatever Pan is currently available on the website for £29.99 (down from £37.50). This is still much more than I’d usually consider paying for a single pan, however, you won’t be seeing me on Masterchef anytime soon. The company offers a full refund or exchange for the 100 days after your purchase if you are anything but 100% satisfied. Worth a try?

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £29.99

You can purchase this item here

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