Entertaining Your Kids During The School Holidays

When the kids are off school, it can be a constant worry to think about what you can do with them to keep them occupied. Unfortunately, a few days of relaxation at home isn’t enough for them, so here are some things to entertain your kids with during vacations.

A Trip To The Zoo

No matter what their age, the zoo is a great place to go for a day out and to learn more about the wildlife around us. We’re only given so much information at school that us adults would likely learn a few things from the things we see at our local zoo. It’s something that won’t ever really be boring and so if you want to go a couple of times over the course of the school holidays, then there’s unlikely going to be a fuss about seeing the animals again. As well as plenty of photo opportunities for your children to have with the animals, there is also likely to be talks and other various activities going on that they can get involved in.

Entertain Them With Theatre

Theatre is a wonderful place and one thing that all kids should experience at least once in their lifetime. With so much in the West End currently, it’s worth looking at some London theatre tickets to have a family night out to see a show. Whether that’s a musical or play, there’s something to cater for everyone’s taste. A lot of theatre is open to all ages, and there will likely be family discounts on certain shows, and if not, a lot of restaurants will often do meal deals that cater as pre-show theatre meals. This makes the trip out as a family, a lot less expensive than it has to be. Some recommendations for children’s theatre could be a Roald Dahl classic like Matilda or the stage version of the film, School of Rock.

Have A Day Of Baking

Teaching your children skills that they can take into their adult life is important, especially if you may have not been taught them when you were a kid. So, why not have a day of baking. It’s important to teach them how to cook and to be interested in creating meals and getting creative in the kitchen. Instead of making it a place that should be for adults only, try to make it at least a little kid-friendly by focusing on baking cakes and savoury snacks. Then as they get older, they can naturally help to make dinner with you during the working week.

Do A Movie Marathon With Treats

During some school holidays, the weather might not always be fantastic and so to help whisk away some of the wintery days, a movie marathon might be just what’s needed. It could be a movie franchise that you loved and want to pass onto your kids, or it might be a selection of films that you pick together. Grab some sweets and treats and relax!

Hopefully, these ideas will help make the school holidays fly by a little quicker.

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