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ili Laptop Stand Review

Reviewed by Louise Edwards

Laptops are perfect for working flexibly giving you mobile communication and allowing you to be productive on the go. It has to be said though that typing on a laptop keypad all the time isn’t always the most comfortable way to work and it is very easy to slouch over and do damage to your back and neck.

The ili Laptop Stand is a perfect solution If you are looking for a device to utilise the convenience of a laptop with the comfort of a standard keyboard. It works by using a wireless keyboard and the screen on the laptop together. Created by a multicultural family, Celine and Zeno, based in the heart of Edinburgh (and sometimes the south of France), the idea was born when working for several months abroad and they needed a portable laptop stand that brought the screen high enough but close enough without hurting the back and neck. It has been refined and revisited to make it more ergonomic, elegant and lighter. 

The stand is very straightforward to assemble. The wooden base place has a flap that is lifted up to provide support and three metal poles that you slide through the holes in the flap and into the aligned base plate holes. It can be used for sitting or standing.

You then place your laptop onto the stand and slide the keyboard underneath it. It does feel as though it won’t hold the weight but I was pleasantly surprised to find it worked really well. The metal poles have rubber end caps to ensure no slips and slides and it is incredibly robust and comfortable to use. 

The poles can be easily stored with the base plate and a canvas storage pouch is also included which looks stylish and neat, thus making it the perfect accompaniment to the laptop on the daily commute.

When the laptop stand is disassembled and placed in the pouch it is lightweight (just 340g) and portable (dimensions are 28 x 16.5 cm), so no bigger than even the smallest laptop.

This eye-catching design, made with environmentally friendly materials, which are easily recyclable and biodegradable, is the perfect solution for working on the go. I love the ethos of the company who are an ethical innovator following the concept of sustainable development by considering environmental, social and economic impact of their products. It is really cool how these three values are reflected in the product with the three metal poles! 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £39.99

For more information or to buy visit www.ililaptopstand.com.

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