OOFOS Women’s OOriginal Flip Flops Review

Reviewed by Gemma Ingham

I received a pair of OOFOS Women’s Ooriginal flip flops in black to review. I’d not heard of the brand before but was thrilled to try them out as I never seem to be able to find a pair of shoes (and definitely not flip flops) that are totally comfortable yet supportive.

OOFOS are marketed as ‘recovery footwear’ that soothe and reinvigorate your feet after a workout. Due to my health conditions I’m not really a person that works out, however I am trying to be more active by taking the dog for longer walks and walking to the school drop off and pick up rather than driving. All this recent extra exercise has flared up the plantar fasciitis in my left foot, so at the moment support to my arch is very important to me. I find that my foot needs to be positioned in a certain way to help control this and I do wear orthotics in most of my shoes. Because of this it makes certain styles of shoes, namely flip flops, a complete no go. The footbeds are often totally flat and thin, there’s no support to the foot, and the straps are thin putting strain on the top of the foot.

The OOFOS flip flops are the complete opposite to any flip flop I have tried before. As soon as I tried them on I did literally say ‘Oooooooh’. My toes and heel sunk down into the soft OOFOAM but I could feel that the arch of my foot was being totally supported by the patented footbed. I can liken it to a memory foam mattress that cradles you in a comfortable yet supported position. The straps leading from the toe post are wide enough that when you walk you don’t feel like it’s digging into the top of your foot.

Whilst wearing the OOFOS I have noticed less of an impact on other parts of my body. An old ankle sprain that likes to make itself known in the Peroneal muscle that runs from the ankle area up the side of the leg has felt less tight and certainly given me less pain. The OOFOAM offers 37% more shock absorption than any other shoe material in the market at the moment, so I’m guessing that’s why my knees are no longer tingling and aching after a few hours of wearing these. I also have a chronic back condition and although I wouldn’t say I’ve experienced less pain, the fact that my feet are being supported and held in a good position whilst wearing the OOFOS can only be a good thing in terms of having a knock on effect of the position of the rest of my body.

The OOFOS are made from a material that feels very similar to Crocs, but I find the OOFOAM less rubbery, it feels softer and had a more luxurious quality to it. The textured footbed feels lovely against my toes and the sole of my foot.

I’d be interested to try a pair of clog or trainer type styles to see how OOFOS can improve my foot and musculoskeletal health whilst going for longer walks with the dog, or even doing day to day activities. Given the experience I’ve had with wearing the flip flops around the house and on short trips I’m expecting a positive result!

I’m usually a size 5.5 wide or a size 6 depending on what brand of shoe I’m wearing. I chose a size 6 in the OOFOS OOriginal and it fits perfectly.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £43

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