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Dobble Pixar Review


Reviewed by Debbie T

We have always really enjoying games as a family, even more so over the last year or so being at home so much.  I think that I was probably as excited as my 8 year old twin sons to receive Dobble Pixar to review.   The game arrived quickly in perfect condition due to being so well packaged, but not excessively so.  The game itself comes in a sturdy tin that has a simple but lovely design.  Upon opening the tin we discovered a simple but clear set of instructions and several cards which are used to play the game.  The cards themselves were well made and will, I hope, last for a good amount of time.

I like games that have good longevity and so I was delighted to see that there was more than one way in which you can play the game.  We played in two different ways.

Game 1

We placed four cards in front of each player and one card in the middle. We then turned the middle card upside down and took turns to look and see if any of the symbols on our cards matched those on the middle card.  If they did, then we turned that card over.  The winner was the first person to turn over all of their cards.  We loved this method of playing the game.  There was so much excitement in the room and lots of laughter.

Game 2

This time it was a race to find a matching symbol to one of those on the middle card.  Once someone found a matching symbol they placed that card of theirs on top of the middle card.  Then the race started again and we had to find a matching symbol on one of our cards to the middle card.  My twins teamed up as one player and were delighted win and beat their mummy.

I can see this being a game that is regularly played with and what I do love so much about it is it’s size.  It would be great for taking out and about on a train journey or picnic to keep my twins amused.  One of my twins is sometimes not so keen to play games, but this really kept him engaged and interested.

I think that this would make a fantastic Easter gift or ‘Just because’ gift for a special child in your life.  That said, as a 40+ year old adult I had so much fun playing it and I think it is suitable for a wide age range.  What made it more interesting and challenging was that the symbols on the cards are printed in different sizes on various cards.  My twins also got excited to see characters that they recognised such as Buzz Lightyear, Woody and some of the characters from the Cars movies.  I would highly recommend this product to others.

Rating: a well deserved 5/5

RRP: £14.99

This product can be purchased from Amazon here.  

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