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Making Gifts With The Cricut Joy


A work colleague was moving house recently and it had been a very long drawn out process both for her and her family.  I wanted to make something for her to mark the occasion when she eventually moved in to the new house. 

After a discussion with several of my work colleagues about what I could make, I decided to use a deep wooden frame I had just bought and add a saying in Permanent Smart Gold Vinyl.  Between us we decided on NEW HOME, NEW ADVENTURES, NEW MEMORIES.

I used a fancy font for New Home which I made quite large & used capital letters.  New Adventures I left in a plain font using lower case letters apart from the capital N at the start and smaller.  I went back to the larger fancy font and capital letters for New Memories.  I then chose a piece of linen type card in a very pale colour to put the wording on.  Using a piece of used transfer tape so it wouldn’t be so sticky that it stuck to the card when I transferred the letters and ruin it I transferred everything.  Once I had all the wording in place and had stuck it on the card towards the top I guillotined the card to fit the frame. 

I chose a pale pink card to cut some very small flowers.  I have found from previous experience that this is possible if you make the spiral the maximum width the Cricut Joy can cope with.  I love sitting here rolling the paper flowers and gluing them together.  The first flowers were a little bit too tall for the frame, so I had to cut some a little smaller to fit better.  I added four flowers to the frame in a row below the wording.  When I sent a picture to a colleague, she thought it was a lovely idea that I had used four flowers to represent her four children.  I had to admit I hadn’t even thought of it in that way, it was just that four flowers fitted nicely.  I wished I had thought of it though.

When I handed the frame to my colleague, she said she loved it, but later said she thought one of her daughters might claim it.  My other colleague quickly told her that the four flowers represented her four children!

Mother’s Day in Lockdown this year was a bit different.  I like to make sure that both daughters receive a little something from their children although we never make much of Mother’s Day.  I did some checking although to late to do anything.  This year it took me completely by surprise as I only realised the day before!  The only one I could do anything for was my eldest granddaughter’s mum.  She had been ill that week so hadn’t been able to pop out to nearby shops to buy a card so I offered to make one for her.  She was thrilled with the result.

I looked on Design Space and searched for Mother’s Day Cards.  I chose a very simple one which had an M either side and a flower in the middle.  I used a pale grey card and a bright pink insert, both chosen from a Cricut Joy Insert Cards pack.  Using the card carrier I cut the card and inserted the insert.  I was really thrilled how this card turned out, it was a really clever design.  My granddaughter was very pleased with my efforts.

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