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ChocFace Chocolate Review


Reviewed by Lindsay Burton

One of the things we love most about Dads is that they are dependable. You can depend on them to make you giggle with their awful dancing, you can depend on them to be there for you in desperate times, and you can depend on them to already have bought everything you were wanting to get them for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is but once a year, but Dad has already bought himself the latest albums and DVDs, already has the latest sets in the Lego Starwars range and has enough ties to smarten up a whole office. One thing Dads can never get enough of, however, is something sweet to nibble on.

Just like the father figures in our lives, chocolate is dependable no matter what. But that’s not where the similarities end, oh no! In fact, there are many great reasons why Dads are like chocolate that makes your chocolate gift this Father’s Day seem even better and more perfect for the main man in your life!

Just like your favourite chocolates, Dads have a tough exterior that can be hard – but just below the surface is a soft centre that is comforting and sometimes a little nutty.

Spending time with Dad is just like sharing around a box of chocolates with the family – satisfying and a feel good factor that sticks with you for life.

Chocolates come in all shapes, sizes, flavours and even wrappers – and Dads do, too. Whether yours a coach potato, a film fanatic or a business man who works hard to provide for his family, remember that it’s what is inside that count
Chocolates release happiness endorphins and so do Dads! Three cheers if Dad can bring a smile to your face without fail!

The Chocface box is a DVD sized box of six individual chocolate photos. They use a type of food coloring they call “edible color” on top of a white chocolate layer to create remarkable image resolution (the equivalent of around 480p). This in turn sits on a Belgian milk chocolate base to create a deliciously tasty treat.

In addition, their custom boxes can include a personal message, or “name” of the box. And the best part is that you can load images of your entire family on this unique gift! Presented in a lovely presentation box, I was hugely surprised by the quality of the print. I was also wondering would the “drop” to the floor through my posting slot not crack the pieces in any way and I’m happy to report that all the pieces were still safe and whole.

The chocolates are delivered first class by Royal Mail from Derbyshire, UK. They estimate two weeks for delivery (more if outside the UK).

So, to celebrate my children’s father this Father’s Day, this chocolate gift will let him know just how much we care. Whether you’re buying for your dad, uncle or even your Granddad, there is something for everyone!

Sourcing the very best ingredients is very important to this company (and they love trying new recipes). They are currently aiming to provide fair trade and dairy free alternatives.  But in the meantime, the list currently includes: Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Whole MILK Powder, Cocoa, SOY lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Edible Colour:
(water, glycerol, Citric acid, Preservative E1520, Orange E102, Magenta E122, Ponceau Red E1234, Blue E133, Black E151, Yellow E104, Sunset Yellow E110).

Rating: I rate this item 5/5 for the unique service and product!


This product can be purchased from the ChocFace website here.

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