OGGs Chocolate Celebration Cake + OGGS Chocolate Fudge Cakes Review


Reviewed by Jane Warwick

The cardboard box arrived promptly with rolled paper filling the gaps in the box between the two cakes and as a result the packages of both cakes were in perfect condition. One was an OGGS celebration cake and the other was a pack of four small chocolate fudge cakes. The box for the OGGS celebration cake looked like it was a celebration as you could see the top of the cake was covered with chocolate fudge frosting finished with decorative tiny white stars, chocolate curls and a gold shimmer. The box is decorated with gold stars so there is a definite feel that something is being celebrated. The cake is protected in the box by a cardboard surround. It is so good to see that little plastic is used and the plastic that is used is recycled plastic so definitely a big plus for helping the environment.

On the OGGS website they advertise this cake – “Whether there’s an office birthday, an engagement, an anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or simply just because it’s 3pm on a Tuesday, there is always something to celebrate and this is the cruelty free cake for every occasion!” Now that should tempt you to buy it.

So far, all looked very promising so I decided to treat the family to a piece of cake with a cup of tea on Thursday saying we can celebrate it being Thursday! Eating cake during the week is a celebration. We were all curious as to how it would taste as we all love our food and enjoy a variety of tastes. This cake did not go down well with some members of the household who love chocolate cake light and fluffy (homemade) as it was more like a shop bought (well it is), sponge, moist but cloying in texture. The icing /fudge was sweet, and I thought it tasted okay but there was rather a lot of the fudge. We are not vegans, but I am pleased to see a cake that caters for vegans and is certified by the vegan society. This cake can only be compared with another chocolate shop bought cake and to me it is not special enough. Definitely, it is a “no”, from the non-vegan eaters despite the fact it is not too expensive but vegans may give a different answer.

The packaging for the pack of four chocolate fudge cakes was also attractive and I like the use of recycled plastic and the plastic film can be added to the compost bin so all the packaging is 100% recyclable. The company is conscious of the environment which is lovely to see. I am impressed by the fact they are concerned about sustainability using sustainable RSPO certified palm oil and locally sourcing their ingredients. The four little cakes are nicely presented and feel very moist but again the cakes are too sweet and there is a slightly bitter taste which lingers after you have eaten it. The cakes are very disappointing, as I had such high hopes especially seeing on the company’s website which stated that they had tweaked the recipe to make it even more tasty.

Rating: 2.5/5


£8 OGGS Celebration cake
£3.75 OGGS Chocolate fudge cakes

This product can be purchased from Waitrose, Ocado, Sainbury’s, ASDA and COOP

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