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Yumbles Sea Salted Butterscotch Chocolate Brownie Review

B is for Brownie

Reviewed by Louise Totton

Trying to find delicious, gluten free cakes and treats isn’t easy – the Free From aisle in the supermarket is stuffed full with dry, crumbly offerings that are packed with ingredients and chemicals that I can’t even pronounce, never mind understand and, even more depressingly, sold in teeny tiny portions, forcing me to eat whole packets in one sitting. There’s nothing like homemade cakes, so I was delighted when I heard of Yumbles, an artisan food and drink market allowing you to buy vegan, free from and homemade treats directly from small, independent suppliers.

I can tell you, it was hard work narrowing down a product that I wanted to try – there were some amazing sounding cakes and brownies along with cheeses, deli meats and drinks. But the item that really caught my eye was Sea Salted Butterscotch Brownies from B is for Brownie. B is for Brownie is a genuine artisan supplier who makes all of her brownies to order and from scratch, and they are all made to a gluten free recipe and from single origin Madagascan chocolate. Picking between the Salted Butterscotch and Chocolate Raspberry Ripple was a hard choice, but my love of all things salty and sweet won out in the end. Priced at £25 for a 10-serving brownie, I really hoped I was going to be impressed as it’s a lot more than I would normally consider spending on something like this.

My order arrived whilst I was at work a few days later. It was perfectly packed to allow it to fit through the letterbox and not be damaged in any way at all. To say it arrived in perfect condition is an understatement – it arrived beautifully presented and it really felt like a lot of care and effort had gone into the packaging and presentation. There was no plastic anywhere in sight, and the large brownie was pre-cut into 10 generous portions and wrapped in thick, non-stick paper, tissue paper and hand-tied with a silver ribbon. This was then placed securely in cardboard packaging to protect it from knocks in transit and its journey through the letterbox.

The brownie was quite simply stunning! You could tell from the moment you clapped eyes on it that it would be rich, indulgent and incredibly chocolaty, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Each square of brownie had a generous and gooey puddle of decadent salted butterscotch which complemented the dark chocolate brownie perfectly. The brownie itself was so moist and delicious, I was glad it was so rich as it stopped me eating more than one square at once! You can honestly taste the care that has gone into making these brownies – they taste like the very best version of homemade baking, and are a million miles away from the run of the mill brownie that has become the standard gluten-free cake offering at every café on the high street.

I would absolutely, wholeheartedly recommend B is for Brownie to anyone, whether you need to follow a gluten free diet or not. Because they are so beautifully presented and wrapped, they would make a superb gift for a loved one as well as something to treat yourself to. At £25, they’re not cheap but I just don’t care! They’re so delicious, they’re worth the investment both in terms of the cash and the calories!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £25 (550g/Serves 10)

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