Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Review

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

Tony’s Chocolonely was founded in 2005 and took on the mission of producing a delicious chocolate brand that was ‘Slave-Free’.

Modern-day slavery is still very much in existence and with companies like Tony’s Chocolonely taking a real stand, hopefully, one day this barbaric act will be eradicated forever. There is no place for slavery in our world and the more that is done to stop it, the better!

I have a massive sweet tooth and flavoured chocolate is a guilty pleasure of mine. Some people prefer plain unflavoured chocolate, but not me! The wackier the flavour the better.

I am very adventurous when trying new flavours so I was ‘eggstatic’ to receive 3 items from Tony’s Chocolonely…

Tony’s Chocolonely Milk Chocolate Bar £3.98
Tony’s Chocolonely Meringue and Lemon Chocolate Bar £3.98
Tony’s Chocolonely Great Big Chocolate Eggs £4.49

The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging on all 3 items, it’s certainly eye-catching and makes the products look like something you would enjoy. As the saying goes, we taste with our eyes, these items wrappers certainly were a feast for my eyes and I couldn’t wait to dive in and try them.

Tony's Chocolonely

The first item I opened was the original Tony’s Chocolonely 32% Belgian Milk Chocolate bar. The packaging was a vibrant red colour and the Tony’s logo was clear to see in navy blue and white text adorned with a yellow anti-slavery style badge.

The bar was huge and weighed a whopping 180g which is a great size for a chocolate bar. It’s a perfect size to share with friends and family.

Upon opening the bar was encased in silver foil for freshness. Once unwrapped the design of the chocolate made me smile. It’s certainly not boring! The Tony’s logo is moulded into the bar and the fragmented pattern adorning it made it look special.

The chocolate itself was creamy, sweet and utterly delicious. My husband is a big fan of milk chocolate, so it went down extremely well. This bar was a real treat and excellent value for the price.

I then dived into the Tony’s Chocolonely Meringue and Lemon Chocolate Bar with gusto. Lemon meringue is one of my favourite desserts and flavour combinations. I love lemon meringue, so this bar had a lot of high expectations riding on it. Opening the red, yellow and green Easter themed packaging I was met with gold foil for freshness and tore it off eagerly to see what the bar looked like. It was very similar to the milk chocolate bar (decoration wise) and had beautiful white and yellow flecks of lemon and meringue peeking out from the chocolate goodness.

My mouth exploded with the flavours of this bar. The sweet creamy 32% Belgian milk chocolate with the super sweet meringue pieces finished off with the tangy lemon pieces that ran through the bar. I always find that flavoured chocolate usually has gaps in the bar where there is little flavour, but not with this bar. The explosive flavours were present in every bite and were such a delight. The bar weighs 180g and is perfect for sharing, or if like me you love this flavour then may I suggest hiding it. This is a fabulous alternative to an Easter egg. I am going to treat myself to some bars this Easter.

Finally, it was time to sample the Tony’s Chocolonely Great Big Chocolate Eggs and see what the hype was about.

The packaging of this item made me smile. What should eggs be packaged in? That’s right, an egg carton!

The 12 individual foiled wrapped eggs came in their very own egg carton which was encased in a red paper sleeve with the Tony’s emblem printed in Navy blue and white like the milk chocolate bars wrapper. Upon opening the carton I found 12 colourful eggs neatly sat in their carton. 

I took a look at the packaging to see what flavours I was about to sample. They were milk chocolate, dark chocolate, nougat, hazelnut, caramel sea salt, almond sea salt, and pretzel toffee.

Now the fun part was guessing which was which! I would have preferred knowing which contained nuts and which didn’t. I am wary about introducing nuts to my daughter as she has many allergies so I cannot be too careful. As a result, I kept the eggs away from her.

Perhaps an information card could be included with the eggs as I struggled to work out which flavour was which.

The eggs may not have been huge, but the flavours certainly made up for their small size.

The weight of this item is 155g and was a great alternative to your traditional Easter egg. I certainly wouldn’t grumble if I woke on Easter morning to these. They are delightful, fun and the pretzel toffee flavour egg is to die for!

Well, I must say, that was what you call a review. I enjoyed all 3 products and will be purchasing more flavours from Tony’s Chocolonely. Great tasting chocolate with a powerful message.

Rating: 5/5

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