You’ve Been Brushing Your Teeth Wrong Your Whole Life!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been getting a lot of hassle from people in my house about my brushing techniques. They’ve been telling me that I’m brushing my teeth wrong, and I’ve been refusing to believe them. But you know what? I AM brushing my teeth wrong, and so are they. So are all of us! We need to start changing our ways if we want to keep them healthy.

After browsing the internet for as much information as I could find, I came away with the following tips. I hope you find them as useful as I have!

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Lack Of Fluoride In Toothpaste

There’s a heck of a lot of toothpaste on the market these days. How are we supposed to know which is the best? Apparently, it’s down to the amount of fluoride in them. Adults want around 1350-1500ppm fluoride content in the toothpaste they buy. Ditch those whitening toothpaste, too. If you want to whiten your teeth, read about the best home teeth whitening solutions here. They are much better alternatives.

You’re Brushing Too Hard… And Too Soft

Dentists tell us to brush our teeth thoroughly, but brushing too hard is actually damaging. This can damage the soft tissues inside the gum, and it wears down enamel as you do it. Similarly, brushing too soft is also a bad thing. This means you aren’t getting to the plaque build-ups, making it pointless to actually brush your teeth anyway. Try and find a happy medium.

You’re Not Brushing Your Tongue

Whenever I think of brushing tongues, I think of the hilarious BBC Mitchell & Webb clip. As ludicrous as it sounds, you should be brushing your tongue on a regular basis. Both your tongue and the insides of your cheeks can build up bacteria. You can get toothbrushes with a tongue brush included if you look hard enough. Don’t worry – nobody’s watching you!

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You’re Not Brushing Long Or Smart Enough

Come on, admit it! How long do you brush for? Until recently, I was spending around 40 seconds brushing my teeth. I thought that was more than enough! Apparently, we should be doing it for a full two minutes. That’s a heck of a long time! During those 120 seconds, we need to be smarter about how we brush, too. This means spending time on our back teeth that work so hard during the day. It’s also important to brush at the right angle for the maximum effect. This is all sounding like hard work, isn’t it?!

You’re Brushing After Eating

Many of us have commonly thought that brushing after eating is a good idea. I mean, it makes sense, right?! Wrong! Basically, the acids in the food you’ve eaten will harm your enamel. The reason for this is that the enamel is softened after eating food. Subsequently, brushing puts your teeth at big risk right after eating anything. It’s best to wait around an hour before brushing if you’ve recently eaten.

Who’d have thought that something as simple as brushing your teeth could be so complex? Hopefully, our advice will help you avoid an abundance of trips to the dentist.

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