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First-time home buyers? Things to consider

Being first-time buyers is an exciting, but at times daunting, experience. There is so much to take into consideration when you are trying to settle on a place. Is the house in a safe and friendly neighbourhood? Is the garden big enough for children? Is there a garden at all?

We’ve thought of some points for you to take into consideration during your search to help you find your dream house.

1.   Is it near a school?

Whether you have a family already or might want to start one in future, this is something worth keeping in mind. If the house is in a village with a nearby school, you could even pop to the school and see if you like the look of it.

2.   Are there parks and greenery nearby?

Parks are not just for the kids, they are great for adult chill-time too. Think of all the summer picnics and barbeques you could have in your new place. If you are into running, a spacious park or at least running trails nearby are something to ask about.

3.   Is it value for money?

House prices vary staggeringly with area. If you aren’t too sure what sort of price you should be paying, a good estate agent can help. If a certain street is just out of your budget, they might be able to point you to a very similar street nearby that is a bit less expensive.

4.   Does the house have a garden?

This will add value to the house but it will also add infinite joy to your time living there. Gardens are evidently important if you have, or are planning on having, children. The long summer months will be spent mostly having water fights and playing swingball in the garden! As the seasons change, you can get in the garden to relieve some stress by doing some gardening.

5.   Are pets allowed?

If you have or want to get a pet you should ask if they are permitted. Pets are generally allowed in houses in villages and small towns, but in flats in big cities they are quite often banned. You really do not want to make your animal deal with the stress of being separated from you, so always make sure you check first.

6.   Are there any hidden costs?

Do your research into what exactly you should be paying to move house. Figure out what you expect to pay on admin or estate agent fees etc. Also sit down and budget how much you can afford to pay for your deposit and mortgage. This may affect the areas in which you can browse for your first house.

7.   How safe is the neighbourhood?

Although this isn’t something you should drive yourself crazy worrying about, it is worth finding out if you are quite a nervous person. You can easily look online at crime rates to find out where the safest places are to live in the UK. This is something you’ll get a feel of when visiting too. Just make sure your route to and from work is safe for you, and the kids are safe getting to and from school, and your mind will be put at ease.

Now go forth and become first-time buyers!

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