Whats For Dinner by Fay Ripley Review

Reviewed by Shelley East

Dinner around the table as a family is a novelty in our house. With busy life styles and children’s activities planned I find that we all eat at different times.

Upon receipt of this cookbook I made an extra special effort to ensure that we were all together for 2-3 nights to try the recipes in the book.

The cook book is predominantly aimed at family meal times. For me there is nothing more satisfying than us all sat together at the table enjoying food together. It filled me with warmth to watch the people I love eat together and converse over dinner.

The first recipe I tried was the chocolate and banana bread which was a huge hit with the kids for an afternoon snack! I also demolished the remains the following day over coffee with a friend but didn’t inform the children of that.

The recipes are inspiring and add a twist to my usual style of cooking. I was very excited to try the Italian chicken bake. I was the best mum in the world for cooking this dish. It tasted like pizza! The children were very impressed and I served it with plain pasta and garlic bread.

My favourite dish was the quick rolled chicken. Very easy to make! It looks very artistic and only takes minutes to prepare.

I found the cook book full of interesting recipes for meals and side dishes and definitely a cook book that can be used through the year for inspiration and idea’s. The food is wholesome and filling and the ingredients are very simple and the meals are full of flavour. No complaints from my fussy eaters!

Simple food and easy to prepare and cook recipes are a must for busy mums and I will continue to bring my family to the table using the delicious recipes.

I can’t wait to try the sweet sticky chicken, cauliflower stuffed jackets and the sachertorte chocolate cake!

Rating: 4.5/5

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