What do the grown-ups do? Gordon the Wildlife Filmmaker Review

Reviewed by Louise Best

I was quite excited to find out I had been chosen to review this book as I am a huge fan of the wildlife filmmaker Gordon Buchanan and my daughter loves wildlife. When the book arrived I was keen to have a look at it before reading it with my daughter but was disappointed to find that the introduction came away from the book. I overlooked this, and did not let it put me off reading the story with my daughter.

The book is well thought out in its layout and my daughter found it easy to read. I found the use of images hugely beneficial to her as it illustrated the places in which Gordon the Wildlife Filmmaker works and the animals he films. My daughter found it all very fascinating and it increased her curiosity about wildlife in general.

I thought the content was well thought out and well written and that as an educational tool many children of all ages would benefit from such books. If these books are not already in schools then I believe they should be, and I would encourage other parents to invest in these brilliant books.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this with my daughter and I intend to look at others within the series including Sean the Actor, Richard the Vet and Papa the Stock Farmer. My daughter is particularly keen to read Joe the Fisherman and Fiona the Doctor. The price of £7.99 is about average for an educational book of this sort and I think that is also a reasonable price given the excellent content. I would recommend this book to any parent interested in their children learning more about wildlife, the world we live in and the jobs people do.

Information on this series of books is available online at

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £7.99 (paperback)

Age range: 7-9 years old

Available to buy from Troubador here.

3 Star

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