Werewolf Rising Review

Reviewed by David Savage

Starring: Bill Oberst Jr., Danielle Lozeau, Melissa Carnell, Matt Copko
Directed by: BC Furtney
Certificate: 15
Running Time: 77 minutes (approx.)
Format: DVD
Release Date: 22 September 2014
RRP: £12.99

Emma (Melissa Carnell) has been having alcohol problems and bad dreams while living in the big city so returns to her childhood home in Arkansas mountains for some much needed rest and relaxation in the hope of getting over her problems. But this is just the start of the fight for her life.

In the woods surrounding her house, the full moon sees a blood thirsty werewolf ripping the throats out of her neighbours.

Overall while I am a lover of horror film including werewolves, Werewolf Rising just didn’t cut it. The story is basic, an alcoholic going home to her secluded childhood home for rest and relaxation to be pursued by her neighbour and his escaped convict nephew while a werewolf roams the woods. The story was slow to get going and didn’t get much better. The acting was very wooden and was let down by a weak storyline with an unconvincing werewolf thrown in.

Rating: 2/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

2 Star

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